Leica’s Second Smartphone Boasts Best-In-Class Photo-Taking Tech

Photo: Letiz

In a world where the best smartphone is often determined by the device’s camera, the space may have just crowned a new leader. Leica recently revealed its second flagship mobile phone, the Leitz Phone 2, and it boasts a Type 1 sensor that captures footage you have to see to believe.

Photo: Leica

Following the success of the iconic manufacturer’s breakthrough smartphone, the Leitz Phone 2 has been revamped courtesy of the latest Snapdragon 8 processor, paving the way for blisteringly-fast performance across the board and optimized versatility when taking photos. Additionally, it features a crisp, 6.6” OLED display comprised of adaptable Gorilla Glass, as each pixel automatically changes based on the image displayed, managing to reproduce the colors you experienced in person. However, all this wouldn’t be possible without a 1”, 47.2 megapixel CMOS sensor that can even capture high-res photos in low-lit scenarios. Leica claims that this camera technology is “unsurpassed in the smartphone industry,” and that’s no surprise to us accounting for the brand’s ongoing spirit of innovation.

Photo: Leica

For protection’s sake, the phone comes equipped with a Leica-branded magnetic lens cap to retain every bit of the sensor’s premium quality. Last but certainly not least, the phone gets the Red Dot treatment, an embellishment that’s sure to make iPhone users ask, “where’s the Apple?”. While battery life specs are not available yet, it’s worth noting that the original model offered fast-charging capabilities and the same 5,000mAh battery that appears in the Leitz Phone 2.

Photo: Leica | Letiz

The Leitz Phone 2 will only be available to the Japanese market as it stands, but take a deeper look at Leica’s latest device on its website.