MANHART Turns the Land Rover Defender 110 into a Slammed, Track-Ready SUV

Photos: MANHART Performance

While the vast majority of automotive enthusiasts can fully appreciate the otherworldly performance capabilities of modern supercars, not every gearhead wants to drive a flashy, attention-grabbing model. For those looking for cutting-edge performance in a more subtle, “wolf in sheep’s clothing” style package, Germany’s MANHART Performance offers a wide range of heavily up-specced luxury cars based on already immensely capable sports cars. And while the German tuning outfit typically trades in upgrading coupes and sedans, MANHART has recently been extending its services to the SUV sector, bestowing its signature treatment upon a growing list of luxury sport utility models — the latest of which sees MANHART go to town on Land Rover’s newest Defender 110.

Christened the MANHART Defender DP 500, this upgraded SUV is based on the Defender P400 AWD five-door 110 variant and sees the stocker’s turbocharged 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine receive a valve control-equipped stainless steel exhaust with carbon fiber mufflers and a MANHART MHtronik Powerbox (or MANHART ECU). Together, these two upgrades bring the Land Rover’s power output up to 512hp and 523.6ft-lbs of torque — a significant bump over the factory engine’s 400hp and 405ft-lbs. To help compensate for the increased power, the elite tuning shop has also treated the Defender to upgraded MANHART brake calipers and a sport-tuned air suspension package that’s been lowered by 1.1” before being placed atop a set of MANHART Forged Line wheels.

In addition to getting a major boost in performance, the DP 500 has also had its cabin largely reworked. Trimmed in a combination of ultra-supple leather and Alcantara, the Defender’s handworked interior sports custom-upholstered, heated and cooled, electronically adjustable RECARO ErgoMed seats, custom-embroidered MANHART headrests, and a generous host of configurable trim options. What’s more, the exterior of the Land Rover can be modified through the use of an available MANHART decal set, as well as a kit that sees all of the SUV’s plastic body components adorned in gloss black paint.

For more details on the componentry that comprises the tuning outfit’s Land Rover Defender-based DP 500, you can visit the MANHART Performance website where a PDF brochure with full pricing information is available.

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Photo: MANHART Performance
Photo: MANHART Performance
Photo: MANHART Performance