Lamborghini Shows Off All-Carbon ‘Monofuselage’ Frame From Upcoming Hybrid Supercar

Lamborghini LB744 Monofuselage Carbon Fiber Chassis Teaser 0 Hero
Photos: Lamborghini

Though it was less than a week ago that Lamborghini treated the motoring public to its first inside look at the Raging Bull’s forthcoming hybrid supercar with a sneak peak of project codename LB744’s powertrain, the Sant’Agata Bolognese brand has now revealed the thoroughly state-of-the-art chassis that will be housing the hybrid 986-hp mill.

Lamborghini LB744 Monofuselage Carbon Fiber Chassis Teaser 1
Photo: Lamborghini

Taking ample inspiration from the world of both hypercar class racers and aeronautics designs, the LB744’s cutting-edge frame is comprised of an all-carbon fiber monocoque structure that the brand refers to as a “monofuselage.” The frame’s front structure is crafted entirely from a proprietary forged composite that allows for increased strength and torsional stiffness while adding a substantial amount of lightness to the equation. First patented and utilized by Lamborghini in 2008, this lightweight yet rugged forged structural material is comprised of a series of short carbon fibers that have been soaked in an advanced resin. The use of this state-of-the-art material for LB744’s front-end framework will also make it the LB744 the first-ever supercar to be equipped with an-all carbon fiber construction front-end.

The entire monocoque design centers around a “monolithic rocker ring” — a single element, ring-shaped structure that’s composed of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic and acts an an anchor for the rest of the framework’s forged composite items like its front firewall, A-pillar, and tub. Moving rearward, the aft-end of the monofuselage features a high-strength aluminum alloy rear frame with hollow castings in its rear dome area that open up space to accommodate an integrated rear suspension that combines the rear-end’s shock towers and powertrain suspension into a single component. Stronger than the frame used on the Aventador while also being 10% lighter, this chassis is expected to afford best-in-class dynamic capabilities, as well. Powered by a mid-mounted 12-cylinder engine, the entire hybrid supercar also benefits from advancements and breakthroughs that Lamborghini has made in preheated polymer manufacturing techniques. 

Lamborghini LB744 Monofuselage Carbon Fiber Chassis Teaser 2
Photo: Lamborghini

Thus far still known only by its codename of LB744, the eventual production model based on the Lamborghini hybrid V12 HPEV supercar concept is scheduled for a grand reveal later this year.