Irish Single Malt & American Rye Collide in This Stellar Whiskey Blend

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While both undeniably represent two of the world’s most popular types of whiskey, Irish single malts and American rye differ in a myriad of ways including the primary ingredients used to produce them, with Irish whiskey relying on barley and American ryes having a mash that’s mainly composed of rye. And while these two types of liquor have traditionally stood in separate spaces, Minnesota’s Keeper’s Heart Whiskey has recently opted to combine them, harnessing the strengths of both whiskeys to deliver the perfect Irish-American hybrid.

In order to merge these two traditions, the Minneapolis-based distillery called on Irish whiskey legend and O’Shaughnessy Distilling Company’s Master Distiller Brian Nation to join forces with the founder of High West Distillery, David Perkins. The resultant Irish + American Blended Whiskey started with Nation sourcing and expertly blending four-year-old Irish Pot Still and Irish Grain whiskeys from Ireland’s Great Northern Distilling region, before this concoction was mixed with American rye whiskey selected by Perkins from the Old Seagram’s plant in Indiana.

The end result combines the best of what both regions have to offer, with an end product that’s far superior to the components that went into it. This amalgamation of alcohol boasts tastes of candied ginger, vanilla, lemon zest, and stewed fruit. Notes of spices and freshly charred oak are also present, as is a bright, floral nose. This makes for a long, smooth, and decidedly pleasant finish with hints of spiced caramel, as well.

Available now, the Keeper’s Heart Irish + American Blended Whiskey has been priced at $39 (for a 700ml bottle). In addition to being sold in 21 states, Keeper’s Heart’s Irish + American Blended Whiskey can also be delivered straight to your door using the alcohol delivery service, Reserve Bar.

Purchase: $39

Photo: Keeper’s Heart
Photo: Keeper’s Heart
Photo: Keeper’s Heart