Katalis & TheArsenale Join Forces for a Special EV.1000 E-Scooter

Photos: TheArsenale | Katalis

In the spring of 2020, Indonesian design firm Katalis put itself on the map of the global moto scene with the unveiling of its EV.500 — a Selis Garuda-based, 500-watt e-scooter with a custom 6061 aluminum frame and WW2 fighter plane-inspired bodywork. And the interest and hype generated by the EV.500 over the last two years have now prompted Katalis to turn its stunning one-off design into a more powerful, limited production model known simply as the EV.1000.

Like its predecessor, the EV.1000 wears the same suite of riveted, aviation-inspired bodywork, though the EV.500’s livery has been replaced with a matte black paint job offset by yellow warning stripes just behind the bike’s beefy, neo-retro-style front fender. It also retains the EV.500’s vintage voltmeter, covered headlight switch, 5.75” LED headlight, circular mirror, and heavy machinery-style integrated turn-key starter. The EV1K’s suspension has also been upgraded to a conventional KYB fork and its old-school dual-shock configuration has been replaced by a more modern mono-shock setup. Power now comes from a 1,000-watt, brushless hub motor that’s paired with a 48-72-volt controller and a 48-volt, 45Ah battery that collectively afford a 56-mile range and a top speed of around 50mph.

The Jakarta-based company has also teamed up with TheArsenale to create a special, limited-edition version of the EV1K that features Katalis and TA branding — including its “If it’s not on TheArsenale, it doesn’t exist” slogan — as well as warning stripes and a headlight accent stripe in TheArsenale’s signature orange hue. The TA Edition variant also sports a backlight voltage meter and an up-specced inverted fork.

Available now, the Katalis x TheArsenale Special Edition EV.1000 has been priced at $9,999, and while Katalis has yet to reveal pricing or availability for the regular EV.1000, more information can be obtained by contacting Katalis via its website or through direct messaging on its Instagram page.

Purchase: $9,999

Photo: TheArsenale | Katalis
Photo: TheArsenale | Katalis
Photo: TheArsenale | Katalis