This Hitch-Mounted Portable Grill Brings Backyard BBQs To The Great Outdoors

The unfortunate reality of the present moment is that — for most of us — barbecues have become something of a taboo. Sure, outdoor grilling is well within the bounds of safe socializing, but it also carries with it certain complications — namely, where and how you plan to host said cookout. Public grills are out of the question, and while home get-togethers are a possibility, they also invite potential unwanted exposure.

In a time when people are increasingly taking to the outdoors for their recreational pursuits, HitchFire’s Forge 15 grill offers the perfect answer to such a dilemma. It attaches at your trailer hitch via a pivoting swingarm, saving you valuable space inside your rig and providing easy access to its trunk. But just because it’s portable doesn’t mean it’s not a capable grill in its own right. The Forge 15 packs tons of features like dual-zone burners, folding prep tables, and a detachable base for tabletop use. In order to outlast the rigors off-road adventure, HitchFire fits all models with a durable powder-coated finish and a secure hood latch. Oh, and if you’re one to leave your bottle opener behind, the Forge 15 has one of those too. Preorder it today for $449.

Purchase: $449