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Hands-On: HERO8 Black Is GoPro’s Most Advanced HERO Camera Ever

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Diving into the unknown is decidedly better when you document the process for others to see, and since the introduction of the original GoPro in 2002, the company’s well-rounded camera systems have served to gift users with crystal-clear captures of their most notable adventuresome moments. Over the past two decades, GoPro has made significant strides to maintain its stronghold within the compact action-camera space, offering successive platforms that elaborate on the strengths of their predecessors while cutting back on their shortcomings.

HERO8 Black is GoPro’s latest adaptable offering — a formidable, functional device that combines 4K video capabilities with HyperSmooth 2.0 stabilization and improved SuperPhoto to make it the most versatile HERO ever produced. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve had the opportunity to use HERO8 Black in a variety of different situations — from urban excursions, all the way to in-office content creation — allowing us to better understand what it is that makes the platform so special. Below, we’ll give you the rundown on the camera’s most attractive traits and shed some light on why it’s quite possibly GoPro’s most well-rounded offering to date.

What To Expect

A Look At HERO8 Black’s Capabilities

HERO8 Black is more than a device to capture every aspect of your journey; it’s an innovative platform that encompasses some of the industry’s most cutting-edge technologies. From the get-go, you’re introduced to the camera’s impressive spec list, which boasts a number of different modes, settings, and technical details that make it an attractive proposition.

A 12-megapixel photo sensor sits at the heart of the device, accenting the camera’s SuperPhoto and improved HDR shooting settings. Unlike previous iterations of the lauded action camera, HERO8 Black offers a range of built-in digital lenses to help you make the most of each photographic situation, while additions like HyperSmooth 2.0 video stabilization, TimeWarp 2.0 video, and 1080p live streaming capabilities (compared with HERO7 Black’s 720p) give the device unparalleled adaptability. It’s also both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled and allows for near-infinite versatility, thanks to its compatibility with over 30 of GoPro’s performance-oriented mounts and accessories. It can shoot in a wide variety of different modes and settings, making it perfect for vlogging, cinematic B-roll, and outdoor capture. All of these modes are powered with ease by a new, optimized 1220mAh lithium-ion battery.

What’s New

Outlining HERO8 Black’s Impressive Features

To keep HERO8 Black as compact as possible, the camera has been reimagined to become even more pocketable than previous iterations. A streamlined silhouette works alongside the device’s built-in mounting system to make it as easy as possible to change from one mounting setup to another. Plus, you’ll find an easy-to-read display that annotates the camera’s recording status, recording time, and shooting mode, as well as your SD card’s remaining capacity and the device’s battery level. HERO8 Black can even respond to your voice, promoting hands-free use with up to 14 different commands in 15 languages and dialects. Of course, these additions are secondary to the camera’s array of simple-yet-robust technical features.

What's Notable

HERO8 Black's Robust Shooting Capabilities

HERO8 Black leads the industry when it comes to pro-quality 4K video capture, offering adventurous users and enthusiasts a compact device that’s perfect for everyday filming. Whether you’re documenting your journey to the coffee shop or a descent down one of the world’s most formidable mountain faces, HERO8 Black brings multiple shooting modes, styles, and technologies to the table.

As you scroll through the camera’s shooting modes, you’ll notice a vast selection of resolutions and Frame rates. With access to everything from 4K60 video all the way to 1080p240 and 100Mbps delivery in 4K and 2.7K resolutions, the possibilities are endless with HERO8 Black. But it’s the camera’s versatile features that steal the show. If you’re in the mood for professional-looking video capture, GoPro’s HyperSmooth 2.0 video stabilization is here to make your life a whole lot easier. Say goodbye to shaky, unforgiving shots and jittery handheld B-roll footage; this addition is a lifesaver when it comes to great-looking composition and gives you the ability to film steadily without investing in an expensive gimbal/stabilization system. Swap over to the camera’s capable photo mode and you’ll be treated to stunning 12-megapixel captures, LiveBurst, and SuperPhoto, which provide exceptional detail for both moving and stationary subjects. Speaking of low-light situations, you’ll be able to switch over HERO8 Black’s Night Lapse Video mode, which allows for breathtaking video capture in either 4K, 2.7K, 1440p, or 1080p during the evening’s darkest hours. And if you’re a vlogger who’s looking to utilize HERO8 Black during your live streams, don’t fret: The camera’s 1080p live stream lets users stream in Full HD to satiate their rabid fanbase.

Our Thoughts

GoPro’s Most Advanced HERO Offering To-Date

Based on our time with the GoPro HERO8 Black, we can safely say that it’s the most intuitive platform that the company has ever produced. Additions like HyperSmooth 2.0 video stabilization — which offers the smoothest video ever on a HERO device, beating out the competition by a wide margin — and adaptable TimeWarp 2.0 — which automatically adjusts speed based on motion, scene detection, and lighting — are sure to make even the most amateur filmmakers feel confident in their capabilities. Pair this with HERO8 Black’s robust video and photo suite, its intuitive user interface, and a selection of versatile built-in digital lenses and it’s easy to understand why the camera is touted as the most advanced offering in GoPro’s HERO line. Better yet, HERO8 Black is perfect for adventurous souls who are hoping for a rugged platform to capture their finest moments. Thanks to its 33-foot waterproofing — without any kind of additional housing, mind you — and a lens cover that’s 2x thicker and more resistant to scratches and abrasions, this well-rounded action camera is sure to take on any situation with ease. Head to GoPro’s website to pick up one of your own for $399.99.

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