Gerber’s Armbar Scout Multi-Tool Handles Just Like a Knife Should

Gerber Armbar Scout 0 Hero 1
Photo: Gerber

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Whether you were a boy scout or not, you should never underestimate the value of being prepared. It’s why Portland-based heritage knife brand Gerber launched its very first multi-tool back in 1991 with the Multi-Plier and has continued to expand its range ever since.

Gerber Armbar Scout 01
Photo: Gerber

To go along with its essential-focused line of minimalist multi-tools, Gerber debuted the Armbar Scout, a 7-tool multi-tool that has everything you’ll need in a pinch without the added bulk. Fitting into a compact 3.625-inch stainless steel housing and weighing just over 3oz, the Scout aims to be a go-to whether you’re adventuring outdoors or handling tasks around the house. It’s equipped with a 2.5-inch plain-edge blade knife, bottle opener, can opener, pry bar, saw, pair of spring-loaded scissors, and hammer. Not to mention, the Scout also includes a pocket clip not included on other Armbar knives.

Gerber Armbar Scout 002
Photo: Gerber

As opposed to many other multi-tools on the market, the Armbar Scout is designed to fit in your hand properly, so that when you’re using it as a knife, it actually feels like a knife. This guarantees safer usage since you’re not forced to hold it incorrectly. Available in several different colors, the handle itself sports a secure frame lock to ensure safety even more.

Gerber Armbar Scout 003
Photo: Gerber

Head over to Gerber’s website to grab the new Armbar Scout for yourself for just $50.