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Zoa’s PL1 Is a Rope Tow Built for Skiing Through the Backcountry Slopes

Ski resorts are luxurious for a number of reasons, with one particular standout being the mightily convenient ski lift, an element that we may have grown to be dependent on. When looking to carve the snow in backcountry settings, these elevated chairs aren’t around to save us, which is why Zoa Engineering has envisioned a way to make life a bit easier for any off-boundary skiers. Introducing the PL1, a portable rope tow system looking to cut down climbing time.

The Canadian label’s unique tool is capable of fitting directly into your backpack, making every uphill ascent something to anticipate rather than a burden. Weighing in at 10.5 pounds with maximum measurements of 13.5 inches wide and 5.2 inches deep, labeling the PL1 as portable is almost a minimization of how simple it is to take on your backcountry trek. It also comes equipped with a removable handle for the sake of safety and simply stowing away.

For those questioning how this neat project works, the process consists of a mere five steps, each of which makes rudimentary use of the brand’s additional pieces, like a paracord and rope bag. Upon making your initial descent, simply attach the paracord to a tree, drop the line by using the rope bag, then attach it to the PL1 at the bottom and make your way back up the hill. Depending on weight, this gadget’s projected vertical per charge is a whopping 3,730′.

Skiers are very taken with this new product, seeing as it has already shattered its Kickstarter goal and still has well over 20 days to go. If you’re in search of an easier way to reach the top of any snowy peaks in your area, we recommend checking out Zoa’s varying PL1 packages starting from $1,056.

Kickstarter: $1,056+

Photo: ZOA Engineering
Photo: ZOA Engineering