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Toyo’s Legendary ST-350 Cantilevered Toolbox Maximizes Storage

Toyo Steel Cantilever Toolbox 0 Hero
Photo: Huckberry | Toyo

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Compared to your traditional flat- or barn-top tool boxes, cantilevered boxes offer a bit more versatility and economical storage. Featuring a unique design, these containers have two doors on top that open up and out, with smaller storage compartments within each lid to bolster what you can put inside the main compartment down below. When it comes to cantilever toolboxes, no name is as legendary as Toyo, a Japanese brand known for its eye-catching designs commonly sporting a tiled pattern pressed into the steel housing, just like the one on its ST-350 model.

Toyo Steel Cantilever Toolbox 1
Photo: Huckberry | Toyo

While some toolboxes are too small, others can be too big. The ST-350, however, finds the perfect middle ground, stretching nearly 14” long, 9” tall, and 7” wide, allowing you to transport it easily without taking up too much room in the process. Not to mention, the organization-friendly interior helps maximize the space you do have. Aside from the large main compartment, the cantilevered split lid allows you to store even more in its smaller mounted trays, which each come with their own customizable dividers. These are great for screws, bits, nails, and any other items that might get lost easily and that you might need to access quickly.

Toyo Steel Cantilever Toolbox 2
Photo: Huckberry | Toyo

Available in three matte colors, including black, military green, and silver, the ST-350 is attractive to look at with its tiled exterior, but is also sturdy as can be, made of durable steel. Weighing just 5.75lbs when empty, the toolbox distributes that weight via two handles — one on each lid — that come together to make carrying easier. For security, it can be locked up with a 0.18-inch cylinder padlock.

Toyo Steel Cantilever Toolbox 3
Photo: Huckberry | Toyo

If you’ve been looking for the perfect solution for storing your tools in a way that doesn’t take up much space, check out the Steel Cantilever Toolbox ST-350 from Toyo, available now from Huckberry’s web store for $135.