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TaylorMade’s Stealth Drivers Are Made Up of 60 Layers of Carbon Fiber

TaylorMade is as reputable a name as they come as far as the world of golf is concerned. Having set the standard with their development of the iconic metalwood driver well over 40 years ago, the brand is now looking to another material for its latest driver innovation. Unveiling their latest and greatest, the SoCal-based brand is entering their “Carbonwood Age” with a wide array of sleek new carbon fiber drivers to up your course game.

By way of utilizing their signature TwistFace tech, TaylorMade’s new collection consists of the Stealth, Stealth Plus, and the Stealth HD. Crafted from an impressive 60 layers of carbon fiber, these drivers’ bolstered faces are far more capable of reaching greater speeds than your average titanium club — or even your existing high-end TaylorMade one. For the sake of improved shot accuracy and coefficient of restitution, the Stealth collection’s newly-implemented carbon makeup also offers a much lighter carry. In order to perform in any field condition, be it wet or dry, the material is coated in a thin layer of polyurethane and makes for a sleek, durable contrast to the carbon face. Differences between each club include the HD’s Inertia Generator to boost MOI, while the Plus boasts a 10g sliding weight for players to perfect their shot.

The brand itself admitted that there was a limit as to how much performance could be wrung out of titanium as a material for drivers, and we take our hats off to TaylorMade for finding such a magnificent manner in which to shift the standard. Starting from $580 for both the Stealth and Stealth HD, TaylorMade is currently taking pre-orders for their latest collection prior to shipping them out starting February 4th.

Purchase: $580+