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This All-In-One Glamping System Features a Tent, Air Mattress, & Canopy

Space Acacia 3 In 1 Camping System 0 Hero
Photos: Acadia Inc | Indiegogo

Setting up a well-appointed off-grid basecamp can be an incredibly daunting and time-consuming task — especially when done in the dark and/or after a long day on the trails. In a bid to streamline the camping experience without sacrificing on amenities or comfort, New Jersey-based startup Acadia Inc has just unveiled its luxurious, easy-to-use three-in-one tent and camping system

Space Acacia 3 In 1 Camping System 1
Photo: Acadia Inc | Indiegogo

The Space Acacia 3-In-1 Camping System features a 6” inflatable floor system that serves as the base of the tent — as well as an air mattress. Capable of supporting up to 4,000lbs, this inflatable floor is built atop a fabric base layer backed by double layers of underlying 100% waterproof PVC coatings and an overlying layer of supportive space yarn. On the inside, the floor — which is inflated via an electric pump — comes capped off with an ultra-soft removable (and washable) carpet liner. In addition to being produced in a whopping 12 different color options, the Space Acadia camping system is also offered in a 92” x 94” 2-3 person model, and a larger 118” x 125.6” 4-6 person variant. CPI-84-compliant for fire protection, the tent itself features a flame-resistant 300-denier Oxford double-walled construction, eight zipper-secured windows, and Level 8 wind resistance that enables it to withstand gusts of up to 46mph. 

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Photo: Acadia Inc | Indiegogo

The multi-season tent is also recommended for use in temperatures ranging from 23°F all the way up to 95°F. Comprising the third element of this three-in-one system is a temperature-adjusting, fully waterproof canopy that also boasts SPF50+ sun protection. Protected by a five-year warranty, the entire system takes around 20 minutes to erect — granted only 5 minutes of that is actual setup time, while the other 15 is just waiting on the pump to fully inflate the structure. The company is also selling an optional LED lighting system and a 330-watt power station which are currently available for an extra $93 and $215, respectively — before their eventual MSRPs of $117 and $269. Set to be priced at $199, the electric pump that inflates the tent is included for free with all early bird purchases via the product’s crowdfunding campaign. Best of all, thanks to the inflatable floor, the Space Acadia can also float on water, allowing for some seriously cool camping locales.

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Photo: Acadia Inc | Indiegogo

Having already surpassed its funding goal by more than 2,500%, the Space Acacia 3-In-1 Camping System is available for backing now on Indiegogo, starting at $849 for the Space Acadia Basic 2-3 person tent and floor (without the canopy) and going up to $1,349 for the 4-6 person Space Acadia XL tent, floor, and canopy — which will eventually carry MSRPs of $1,037 and $1,736.