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The Slash Is an Extremely Tiny EDC Knife Made of Tungsten

Slash EDC Knife 0 Hero
Photos: Malboro & Kane

The world of EDC gear invites innovations and designs that are always surprising us. Given the nature of the space, many essentials are getting smaller, yet still capable updates that make them easier to carry. Knives have always come in significantly different sizes, with both experts and hobbyists valuing the entire spectrum. Still, small knives (like pocket knives and stiletto knives) have a long history and continue to be a focus for many. And over on Kickstarter, the team at Malboro & Kane (a label that specializes in small instruments) is promising a tiny tungsten EDC knife with an 8mm blade edge, and it’s well past the goal.

Slash EDC Knife 1
Photo: Malboro & Kane

This keychain-sized knife packs quite the punch, as it’s made with tungsten, one of the hardest metals out there. Getting into the specs, this knife has a height of 32mm, a depth of 9.5mm, and a width of 9.5mm. When stowed away in the pill-shaped case, the silicone ring provides an air-tight seal so it won’t come loose. And since there’s a hole on top of the case, you can easily attach it to your keys or a carabiner to keep it handy. 

Slash EDC Knife 2
Photo: Malboro & Kane

The idea for this knife came to life just at the beginning of this year, and it’s impressive how quickly it surpassed the funding goal. And while Malboro & Kane claim that the Slash will never dull, this knife is still similar to other steel knives, so you’ll still want to hone it every once in a while. 

Slash EDC Knife 3
Photo: Malboro & Kane

The Slash from Malboro & Kane is currently being backed on Kickstarter and about $360,000 past the reasonable ~$2,500 goal. The project ends on August 25th, and production will begin this September, with shipping set to start in November. At launch, it will retail for $36 and come in three colorways (titanium, brass, and copper).