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Scoured: The Best Gear On Amazon

Now that July is officially here, summer is in full swing. And while we might not suggest heading out to the more crowded beaches, we can’t deny the lure of the ocean on these warmer days. If you do find, however, that you can safely get out to sea — be that for a boat trip, surfing, or otherwise — you’re definitely going to need gear that can survive the rigors of ocean-going.

Thankfully, there’s an online retailer that has loads of spectacular offerings that are up to the task of heading out for a day (or two) on the water. And while you could click through the thousands of pages to find what you need, you could also make your life a lot simpler by referencing this month’s guide to the best gear on Amazon. Packed from tip to tail with excellent waterproof and ocean-friendly gear, this loadout will suit you well while you cruise through waves, salty winds, and whatever else might come your way.

Oken Swimming Earplugs

One of the biggest non-life-threatening risks to surfers, believe it or not, is the risk of getting ear infections. Worse than that, continued exposure to seawater can result in surfer’s ear — a progressive disease resulting in bone growth in the ear canal. The easiest way to avoid both of these things, however, is by donning a pair of swimming earplugs, like these from Oken. You can still hear through them, but the water will be kept at bay while you hit the waves.

Purchase: $10

Pelican Go G10 Case

Your everyday carry gear is probably not entirely waterproof. But you can keep it protected even out on the ocean by storing it inside the Pelican Go G10 Case. It’s IP67 rated — meaning it can withstand full submersion up to 5 meters underwater for up to 30 minutes — and it has an ultra-durable, impact-proof ABS outer shell with rubber bumpers for shock protection.

Purchase: $30

Rainbow Premier Leather Sandals

To those in the know, Rainbow is one of the most legendary Southern California flip-flop brands around. And the reasoning is simple: their products are built to last from exceptional materials. Just have a gander at their Premier Leather Sandals you see here. Try on a pair of Rainbows and you might not want to wear another sandal brand’s inferior product ever again.

Purchase: $54+

Sunski Seacliff Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are a must-have when it comes to outdoor adventure of any kind — the beach and ocean certainly being no exception. And while these Sunski sunglasses fit the bill in that regard, they have another connection to the ocean: they’re made from waste removed from the ocean and recycled into usable frames. And that means they’re a more sustainable option than much of their competition.

Purchase: $58

Birdwell 312 Board Shorts

Another USA heritage beach brand, Birdwell still makes their board shorts — these ones included — by hand in Santa Ana, California. They’re also made from durable quick-drying nylon, they have a triple-layer closure, and they boast a single back pocket with a leash for your keys if necessary.

Purchase: $80

Rip Curl Aggrolite Wetsuit Jacket

Even in the summertime, ocean temperatures can be very nippy — especially in the Pacific. Thankfully, if you want to hit a few sets on your favorite surfboard, you can still keep a bit warmer with the Rip Curl Aggrolite Wetsuit Jacket. It’s made from super-stretchy neoprene, so you’ll still have a full range of motion, but it’s also durable and warm.

Purchase: $85+

Spyderco Pacific Salt Folding Knife

By their nature, most knives — especially the folding variety — are not ideal for use in humid climates or where exposure to seawater is a risk. Spyderco’s Pacific Salt, however, isn’t most knives. This folder boasts a G10 handle that’s grippy in any conditions mated to a corrosion-proof H-1 steel perfect for ocean usage. It even comes with the brand’s signature Compression lock, which is a huge added bonus.

Purchase: $95

Fujifilm FinePix XP130 Waterproof Digital Camera

Like knives, most technology isn’t great at fending off the downsides of water exposure. However, the Fujifilm FinePix XP130 is waterproof and good for depths of up to 65 feet underwater. It also boasts a 16.4 MP BSI CMOS Sensor, it’s shockproof to 5.8ft, and can even withstand temperatures as cold as -10 degrees Fahrenheit. And that makes this a superb ocean-going adventure point-and-shoot.

Purchase: $130

Ortlieb Rack_Pack_31 Waterproof Duffel Bag

Your typical weekender duffel bag might be able to handle a sprinkle here or there, but it likely wasn’t built as weatherproof as Ortlieb’s fully-submersible Rack_Pack_31. On top of being completely waterproof, it also comes with a shoulder carry strap, compression straps, a rolltop closure with a stiffener bar, and 31L of internal space.

Purchase: $162

Oris Aquis Depth Gauge Watch

There are a lot of capable dive watches out there, but far fewer actually come with a built-in depth gauge like the Oris Aquis you see here. Furthermore, it’s good for dives as deep as 500 meters, it has an automatic movement, and it is one of the most striking ocean-going timepieces around. Truly, this handsome diver is tough to beat at any price.

Purchase: $2,790

Scoured: The Best Gear On Amazon - June 2020

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