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Nitecore Just Made an 800-Lumen Headlamp Perfect for Trail Running

Nitecore UT27 0 Hero
Photo: Nitecore

Nitecore seems to wow us with its every release thanks to the brand’s knack for innovative ideas and creations, such as its carbon fiber power bank that can withstand sub-zero temperatures and its 3,300-lumen flashlight that weighs just 3oz. However, with its latest headlamp model, the gear brand proves that even its most traditional-minded products are worthy of mention. 

Nitecore UT27 1
Photo: Nitecore

Tailor-made for trail running, the UT27 is a dual-beam headlamp with an 800-lumen max, a 160-meter beam throw, and an incredibly light weight of just 2.61oz. The reduced weight is in part thanks to the battery configuration, which utilizes a hybrid power source combining a rechargeable HLB1300 Lithium-ion battery pack and a trio of AAA batteries. Unlike most headlamps with this much light power, the UT27 doesn’t have a separate pack in the back to hold its power source. The UT27 is a notable addition to one of the most impressive ranges of headlamps in the industry. What makes it so great for runners, aside from the comfortable strap and low weight, is the wide 100-degree flood beam spread that works in a variety of conditions.

Nitecore UT27 2
Photo: Nitecore

The two aforementioned beams are a warm light and a white light that fuse together seamlessly with Nitecore’s TrueVision Technology which reduces eye strain and allows the beams to work together rather than incongruently. Separately, the beams offer different uses. For rain or fog, the warm light is able to penetrate through the elements, while the white light is optimal for regular nighttime conditions.

Nitecore UT27 3
Photo: Nitecore

High-lumen headlamps aren’t always the best choice for night hikes or camping but when you expect to cover more distance in a shorter amount of time, having the extra power to do so is a wise choice. Head over to Nitecore’s web store to get the UT27 800-lumen headlamp, which is available for preorder at $55.