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Nike Reveals Its Dynamically Lightweight ZoomX Streakfly Shoes

Keeping secrets in the modern sneaker market is nearly impossible. The subculture behind it moves so fast that there is always a new pair or two that becomes the day’s trending topic, and you can often leave it up to Nike to bask in the spotlight. Doing so yet again, the Oregon brand has revealed its brand-new ZoomX Streakfly, a lightweight pair of running shoes intended for training and running short and middle distances.

The new kicks sit on a midsole that has been bolstered with Nike’s patented ZoomX foam, serving as an integral reason as to why the Streakflys weigh in at a mere 6.5 ounces. The shoe’s upper is entirely composed of a super breathable engineered mesh, then embellished with a minimalist Swoosh and an orange tag that reads ‘5k/10k,’ as they are geared toward short and middle-distance running and track sessions.

The emblematic brand is no stranger to implementing carbon fiber into its shoe catalog, and full-length plates made from the stuff have been a major fad in the running shoe industry for the past several years. But Nike has moved away from the rigid material for the Streakfly, forgoing a full-length carbon plate and opting instead for a smaller slab of springy Pebax under just the midfoot of the full-length ZoomX midsole. This setup allows for a closer ground feel in the forefoot, which should prove beneficial on shorter runs.

Nike has revealed that the ZoomX Streakfly running shoes will be priced at $160 and will be available in a ‘Prototype’ colorway in limited quantities later this month, with additional colors to follow at a later date.

Purchase: $160