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Moncler Taps Salehe Bembury to Design a Mountaineering-Inspired Shoe

Moncler x Salehe Bembury Trailgrip Grain 0 Hero
Photo: Moncler | Salehe Bembury

Although most of us today know Moncler as a luxury fashion brand, it spent its beginnings in the ‘50s and ‘60s outfitting explorers and mountaineers on treacherous climbs to the tops of K2, Macalu, and the like. Its transition into fashion actually saved the brand from bankruptcy about two decades ago, but the Franco-Italian firm still hasn’t forgotten about its past. Now it’s tapped preeminent footwear designer Salehe Bembury to help fuse its past with its present for a new pair of outdoor shoes that look really, really good.

Moncler x Salehe Bembury Trailgrip Grain 1
Photo: Moncler | Salehe Bembury

Known for his high-profile portfolio that includes working with New Balance, Yeezy, Clarks, Crocs, and even Vans, Bembury has always known how to fuse streetwear with utility, but that display has arguably never been more evident than with his latest Genius collection with Moncler. Highlighting the range, which also includes down jackets, hoodies, and sweatpants, is the Trailgrip Grain low-top hiking shoe — although, at nearly $800, we wouldn’t recommend taking these very far.

Moncler x Salehe Bembury Trailgrip Grain 2
Photo: Moncler | Salehe Bembury

That’s not to say they can’t handle the rough terrain. With a durable yet lightweight ballistic nylon upper with Bemury’s signature fingerprint stitching, the Trailgrip Grain also features a GORE-TEX membrane for waterproof breathability, a molded TPU spoiler, EVA midsole, and carbon fiber between the midsole and the tread. As for the outsole, it’s made from Vibram Megagrip for ultimate traction. However, discussing the details would only detract from what the shoe actually looks like. From the side, the sole, which spans from the heel to up above the toe, looks almost like the person wearing the shoe is atop a conveyor belt of sorts. Upon closer inspection, there’s plenty of topo-inspired texturing along the uppers as well. And then there’s Moncler and Bembury’s use of colors as well, with complementary shades of olive green and teal working together for the silhouette.

Moncler x Salehe Bembury Trailgrip Grain 3
Photo: Moncler | Salehe Bembury

If you have $795 to spend on some of the most attractive outdoor shoes you’ll ever see, head over to Moncler’s website to buy the Trailgrip Grain and explore the rest of the Genius collection.