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lululemon Ventures into the World of Footwear with Its First-Ever Shoes

Having come to shape over two decades ago, lululemon has been one of the main innovators in the world of athleisure and athletic wear, specializing in incredibly crafted attire aimed toward yoga, cardio, or just keeping things casual and comfortable. Be that as it may, one key piece of athletic attire that lulu had not yet tackled was footwear, but that’s changing as the brand has just unveiled its first-ever line of shoes.

Seeing as we’re in the midst of Women’s History Month, it’s only fitting for the innovative garment maker’s grandiose announcement to be tailored toward crafting athletic shoes entirely with women in mind. With men’s lines often serving as a starting point for most performance brands, lululemon is aiming to veer from the mainstream by sticking to its roots, kicking things off by crafting equipment specifically engineered for a women’s foot. And through four years of research and over one million foot scans, it’s paid off.

If you’re disappointed that the brand’s collection of men’s footwear hasn’t surfaced, have no fear, as lululemon will be adding a men’s line of athletic shoes as well in 2023. Nevertheless, the upcoming women’s line will consist of 3 shoes tailored for a range of athletic endeavors: the Blissfeel runners, the cross-training specific Chargefeel, and the ultra-supportive Strongfeel. In addition to these, the collection will also feature a pair of comfortable, elevated slides, aptly labeled the Restfeel.

We are all looking forward to the release of lulu’s men’s shoes, but these new releases give a pretty strong indicator of what they’ll look like once they hit shelves next year. In the meantime, the Blissfeel will serve as the esteemed brand’s first release from its forthcoming women’s footwear line and is set to hit the market on March 22nd.

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Photo: lululemon