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Surf Some Tasty Waves Like a Pro with Lift Foil’s Lift3 F Electric Surf Board

The outdoor recreational space is evolving in ways we’ve never before seen. Throughout the market, companies are innovating any and all types of activities with new, innovative gizmos, gadgets, and gear to enhance customers’ overall experiences. One arena that we’ve seen a lot of activity in is surfing, especially with the advent of electric surfboards. A company that has taken a more revolutionary approach to the surfboard is Lift Foil, thanks to its mega-popular eFoil board. Now, the power surfing brand looks to build on its viral momentum with the release of its updated Lift3 F eFoil model.

The hallmarks of Lift’s eFoils are that they are easy to use, a riot to ride, and accessible to the masses, and the Lift3 F eFoil builds on all of those pillars in spades. It’s powered by an advanced lithium-ion battery that provides 60 minutes of riding on a light charge and a formidable 100 minutes of riding on a full charge. An anodized aluminum propeller in tandem with brushless motors acts as the propellant force of the fiberglass-bodied Lift3 F while the carbon fiber front wings and ergonomic wireless Bluetooth hand controller provide enhanced handling and speed control, respectively.

For its construction, the Lift3 F features a proprietary fiberglass blend that provides durability and aerodynamics to carve through the water. The Lift3 F comes in two different styles: a 4’9″ eFoil and a 5’4″ eFoil. For true beginners looking for an easy introduction to eFoils, Lift Foil recommends going with the 5’4″ option as it offers more control, easier handling, and is more stable than its shorter counterpart. Those wanting to add some razzle-dazzle to their watersport experience should opt for the 4’9″ eFoil as it offers more avenues to become an advanced rider.

The Lift3 F is available in two colors, Sea Foam Green and Vermilion Rede, and both eFoils come with an array of interchangeable options and add-ons as you sharpen your riding skills. The Lift3 F eFoil is available now starting at $9,995 on Lift’s website.

Purchase: $9,995

Photo: Lift Foil
Photo: Lift Foil