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Gerber’s Dual-Force Multi-Tool Offers an Entire Toolbox in Your Pocket

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In operation since 1939, Gerber is best-known for its knives, but has also become a competitive force in the multi-tool space. Since introducing its first model in 1991, Gerber has developed and patented a host of unique and game-changing functions and systems that have consistently enabled the Portland-based brand to deliver elevated takes on traditional multi-tools — the latest of which is the all-new Gerber Dual-Force

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Offering a toolbox’s worth of tools and functionality in a single compact package, this pocketable powerhouse of a multi-tool features a dedicated set of layered construction pliers. This sports a two-position slip-lock jaw design with extra-large teeth that provides twice the grip strength and force as multi-tools from competitors. This tool is made for throwing in your truck and can act as a replacement for small toolboxes. Also included is a serrated saw and a 3.25” plain edge blade — both of which are locking items, just like the rest of the Dual-Force’s tools and functions. 

Gerber Dual Force Multi Tool 2
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The Dual-Force also benefits from the same patented Center-Axis tech, first introduced on Gerber’s Center-Drive Multi-Tool in 2017. The driver performs like a full-sized dedicated screwdriver delivering full torque and rotation at only 3.5″ long. On top of the Center-Axis tech, pair of cutting instruments, and layered construction two-position main pliers, the Dual-Force also comes loaded with wire-cutting and stripping tools, an 8” ruler, a chisel edge, a two-sided (fine/coarse) file, a lanyard hole, and a medium flathead driver. Tipping the scales at only 12oz, the Dual-Force measures just 0.84” in width and spans only 4.65” when closed. Sold with an included textile sheath, the multi-tool also comes backed by Gerber’s generous lifetime guarantee.

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Photo: Gerber

Offered in a silver or all-black finish, the Gerber Dual-Force Multi-Tool is available now with pricing set at just $110.