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The Gerber Assert Is a Top-Shelf, American-Made EDC Knife

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Over the course of its more than 80-year history, Gerber has developed a reputation for delivering high-quality, long-lasting blades and tools at accessible price points. And while this has long been the Portland brand’s bread and butter, it’s more recently begun tapping into a markedly more premium part of the segment with its ever-growing collection of USA-made knives — the latest of which to break cover is the all-new Gerber Assert folding knife

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Engineered from the ground up specifically for everyday carry duties, the Gerber Assert is a compact and lightweight yet thoroughly utilitarian knife that punches well above its weight in terms of size and performance. The Assert is offered in two standard color options along with a fully-blacked-out variant, though the knife can also be customized using Gerber’s online configurator, allowing for an enormous wealth of finishes and personalization options. Tipping the scales at an incredibly svelte 1.87oz, the Assert spans 6.95” overall, though folds up into a highly pocketable 3.97” form with its blade closed. Designed, manufactured, assembled, and finished by hand in Portland, the entire knife is constructed around a glass-filled nylon handle with an internal honeycomb structure that affords it incredible strength while still allowing for the knife’s sub-2oz weight. Equipped with an integrated lanyard hole, this ergonomically-shaped handle also sports steel liner reinforcements and a textured pattern that massively bolsters grip. Rounding out this hardwearing polymer handle-set is a deep-carry pocket clip that allows the entire knife to completely disappear into its user’s pocket, while remaining easily accessible for deployment at a moment’s notice.

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For the Assert’s locking mechanism, Gerber has opted for its Pivot Lock — a wildly sturdy mechanism that’s fully ambidextrous, remarkably easy to operate, and can be used with one hand. Mated to the handle is a 2.98” (0.9” thick) drop point blade composed of CPM S30V — a Crucible Industries’ American-made powder metallurgy blade steel that’s widely considered one of the best knife steels for everyday carry use. The blade also boasts a pass-through-style fuller that allows it to be deployed like a traditional thumb hole opener. This pass-through fuller also accommodates an adjustable thumb-stud that can be slid up or down in the blade depending on its carrier’s preference. The blade can also be flicked open using the Pivot lock. On top of a laser-marked Gerber logo on one side and “MADE IN USA” on the other, the blade has also been bestowed with a color-anodized thumb-stud that matches the stud in the handle’s Pivot lock. With its compact form, workhorse design, and tremendous durability, the Assert also lends itself extremely well to off-grid and outdoor use, whether that be camping, backpacking, or off-roading.

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Photo: Gerber

Backed by the brand’s Gerber Guarantee lifetime warranty, the Gerber Assert knife is available for order now, with pricing starting at $175.