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FITURE Has Made the Most Interactive Workout Mirror Available


For those who don’t lift weights, a mirror might seem like a vanity endorser. But most gyms have them for a reason. Not only is checking on your form crucial to minimize injury, but it also helps maximize muscle growth. However, the mirror can only reciprocate so much. To make your reflection more helpful, fitness brand FITURE has made the most advanced interactive mirror that serves as the ultimate workout aid.

Utilizing the brand’s revolutionary Motion Engine Technology, the smart mirror tracks several points on your body to help you with your fitness goals. Not only can the mirror’s features give you instant feedback on your form when doing any given exercise while keeping track of your reps, sets, and heart rate, but interactive courses can give you the experience of having a personal trainer right there in your living room.

What FITURE has that other interactive mirrors don’t is a customizable workout feature where you can build your own personal routine from the largest AI fitness movement library in the world, featuring over 1,000 different movements that go beyond weightlifting and into kickboxing, cardio, and dance. Built-in classes are also available that correspond to voice or hand gesture recognition so you can signal when to begin the routine and even virtually high-five your instructor. Moreover, the community leaderboard helps you check your status to keep you motivated.

Coming in five different shades, the FITURE mirror sports a sleek design that also looks great amidst your home aesthetic. To bring its product into the flexibility of modern weightlifting, FITURE offers a monthly trial membership rather than a long-term contract. The mirror itself is now available for $1,495.

Purchase: $1,495