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Everyday Carry: Upgrade

Technology is a double-edged sword, so to speak. On the one hand, the constant surge of new releases allows end-users to make their lives easier and easier with each subsequent purchase. However, it also means that recently-purchased gear is rendered practically obsolete much quicker than ever before. Thankfully, as tech progresses — getting faster, better, smaller (or bigger), and better all-around — it also gets cheaper… most of the time. Regardless, the larger point is that a seemingly huge number of new releases in the tech industry have just flooded the market — making this as good a time as any to consider revamping your everyday carry to make it smarter, more capable, and (of course) more tech-focused. In fact, this week’s pocket dump is comprised entirely of new high-tech releases you may want to consider for your daily loadout — whether you’re a city slicker, country bumpkin, or something in-between.

Devialet Gemini Wireless Earbuds

There are a lot of true wireless earbuds on the market, but few of them come with the promise of a name like Devialet. The renowned brand’s first foray into this particular segment of the audio gear industry, these tiny headphones still boast the brand’s curvy signature style and pack an impressive array of tech-focused features — including Qualcomm aptX compatibility (making this a hi-fi option), IPX4 waterproofing, 24+ hours of playback, active noise-canceling, and a built-in voice assistant.

Purchase: $299

GoPro HERO9 Black Action Camera

If GoPro’s dominance in the action camera industry was ever in question, that sentiment was surely put to bed with their latest release, the HERO9 Black. Another in a long line of user-friendly point-and-shoot action cameras, this one boasts both front and back LED touchscreens, the ability to shoot video in up to 5K HD quality, 20MP stills, onboard streaming and stabilization, and so much more. You simply can’t find another camera of this caliber that’s so easy to use out-of-the-box — especially at this price point.

Purchase: $450

Apple Watch Series 6 Titanium

While many may have been a bit underwhelmed by the seemingly minor updates between the Apple Watch Series 5 and the new Series 6, those that look a bit closer might find that there are enough changes, updates, and upgrades to help set this new generation apart. One of the best inclusions was the option for an ultralight, ultra-tough titanium case — which also includes a special surface coating to resist fingerprints, stains, and more. This particular version also includes a unique magnetic leather strap made from handcrafted Roux Granada leather. Of course, it still has all the impressive technological guts, as well.

Purchase: $849

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

With its new chipset, the Apple iPhone 12 Pro is the most powerful iPhone that Apple has ever released. That alone is enough for some people to upgrade, even with its intimidating starting price. The Max edition is also the largest iPhone ever made, boasting a hefty 6.7″ display that’s nearly encroaching on the territory of tablets. Furthermore, it boasts a better, more well-equipped camera rig, better AR functionality, and even more durability. If you’re thinking of trading in your old phone for a new model, it might help to know that this particular release will be hard to top — at least for a couple of years.

Purchase: $1,099