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Everyday Carry: Tactile

There are large swaths of the everyday carry world that are focused primarily on the appearance of gear. This is not meant to be a dig, and it isn’t even necessarily a bad thing — we want to be proud of the gear we carry and its looks have an impact on that. In fact, appearances can be the primary distinguishing feature separating your EDC from that of another. But they’re far from the only defining factor. Functionality, obviously, is also of incredible importance, as it can define the overall usefulness and longevity of a piece of gear. But we’d like to give a little attention to an everyday carry dark horse: physical sensation. The way a piece of gear feels in your hand and the texture of its materials serve to connect you to the work you do with it. A pleasing texture could be considered soothing and will even subconsciously draw you to use a piece of gear — be that a knife, watch, or otherwise — and a harsh one can similarly turn you away. The overarching point, perhaps, is this: see if you can get your hands on a piece of gear before you pass judgment, as you might find it to be a much more defining metric than you’d first considered. And that’s what this week’s everyday carry loadout is all about.

KeyBar Micarta Key Organizer

KeyBar already made some of the best key organizers on the planet — capable of keeping up to 12 keys (or 24 with extensions) secure and organized while weighing less than 2oz. But now they’ve stepped it up even further by offering one with linen Micarta scales for an upgraded appearance and tactility. Better still, you can also upgrade it with a removable pocket clip, carabiner clip, utility tool, titanium pick, and more.

Purchase: $60+

GiantMouse Ace Clyde Folding Knife

The brainchild of master designers Jens Anso and Jesper Voxnaes, GiantMouse has taken on a life of its own in the knifemaking world — bolstered by releases like the Ace Clyde you see before you. This scrappy everyday carry folder is marked by a high-end 3″ Elmax steel blade, a reliable liner lock, and (our favorite bit) Micarta handle scales. This is the kind of knife that’s more tool than showpiece, meaning it’s meant to do work and you’ll find yourself turning to it every damn day.

Purchase: $175

EONE Bradley Titanium Watch

Put bluntly: most watches are for looking at and little else. But there are moments when you might not actually be able to glance at your watch to discern the time — be that because you’re in a meeting, a movie theater, out in the dark, or just that it might be rude. For those times, the EONE Bradley offers a tactile alternative meant to be touched. Of course, along with its touch-based hybrid dial-case (the hour is marked by the ball bearing on the front and minutes can be found around the edge of the case), this watch also boasts a titanium case, a reliable quartz movement, and a textured canvas strap.

Purchase: $260