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Everyday Carry: Grimace

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times and we’ll say it a thousand times more: your everyday carry loadout should be tailored specifically to your personal budget, needs, and style. And while many folks find themselves flocking to similarly formatted and styled gear (all-black EDC is always in style and wildly popular), there’s no rule that says you have to also adhere to common tastes. If you want an all-black loadout, more power to you. But if you’d prefer something a bit more unique — like, say, a collection of pocket-sized tools done up in the same purple hue as a well-known fast-food chain’s fictional monster mascot that debuted back in 1971 — you can have that, too. In fact, that’s exactly what we have for you today in this week’s everyday carry pocket dump.

Olight I5T EOS Flashlight

With a 300-lumen maximum output and a slim, pocketable IPX8 waterproof all-metal body, the Olight I5T EOS flashlight is perfect for everyday carry and is even durable and capable enough for some outdoor usage. It also comes with a single AA battery that can keep it in constant operation for up to 20 hours, but it can also function with a rechargeable NiMH battery, too.

Purchase: $33

Kizer Sway Back Flipper Knife

Though Kizer’s Sway Back Flipper Knife boasts a fairly unique silhouette — almost reminiscent of an airplane propeller — it’s still very much a hard-working everyday carry knife. And it’s marked by textured G10 handle scales, a Wharncliffe-shaped N690 blade, and a convenient button lock. Furthermore, with a total length of 6.97″ and a 2.75-ounce weight, it’s the ideal size for EDC.

Purchase: $59

WE Knife Co. TP-02A Titanium Tactical Pen

A tactical pen can be tough and reliable without being boring and generic, as evidenced by WE Knife Co’s TP-02A you see here. It features a bolt-action deployment, an all-titanium body (anodized, of course), and it comes with both a pocket clip and a glass-breaker striking tip for emergency and self-defense usage. This pen is proof that a writing utensil can be much more than just a note-taking tool.

Purchase: $67

Urbanista Seoul Wireless Earbuds

Just a few short years ago, true wireless earbuds of a decent quality were mostly out of reach to anyone without a few extra zeroes in their bank account. Now, however, you can access a pair of wireless-charging earbuds with a low-latency connection for seamless streaming, both music and gaming modes to customize your listening experience, and up to 32 hours of playback per charge. And yes, all of that (and more) can be found in the Urbanista Seoul Wireless Earbuds you see here.

Purchase: $90