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Everyday Carry: Freelancer

While the sun has mostly set on the idea that you can find a steady career as a sanctioned traveling staff writer/journalist, there has been a huge uptick in the availability of freelancing jobs. While that means the competition is much stiffer and the going is tougher than ever before, it’s still very possible to create and maintain a life as a freelancer in numerous industries — including world news, product/experience journalism, and more. Of course, if you’re going to try and make a name for yourself in the industry, you’ll also need an everyday carry loadout that includes the tools of the trade. And that’s what we have for you today with this week’s pocket dump. There’s no guarantee that this gear will land you a gig writing for your favorite publications, but it’s also a lot less likely you’ll be able to manage without at least a somewhat similar loadout. If you have lofty dreams of becoming a renowned writer, fill your pockets with this EDC gear, get out there, and make it happen!

Ezra Arthur Small Leather Notebook

Small enough to slip into your pants pocket, the Ezra Arthur Small Leather Notebook comes with a gorgeous Horween leather hand-stitched and -bound cover, 128 refillable blank bleed-resistant pages, a bookmark with an integrated line/grid guide, and more. Best of all, this heritage-level pocket notebook was made in the USA.

Purchase: $32

OrbitKey Maglock Key Clip

A brilliant upgrade to classic keychains and carabiners, OrbitKey’s Maglock Key Clip combines the best parts of both with none of the drawbacks. That includes a clip with a spring-loaded gate, a roomy keyring, and an added bonus: a Fidlock quick release that ensures you can take your keys with you at a moment’s notice, even when the only place you have to stash them is in your hand or a pocket.

Purchase: $43

DISSIM Inverted Lighter

Designed specifically to be more ergonomic than any other lighter on the market, the DISSIM Inverted Lighter boasts a patent-pending circular grip, a high-quality and easy-to-use push-button igniter, and a fuel window so you can gauge exactly how much butane there is inside. It even comes with a lifetime warranty, lending credence to its overall quality.

Purchase: $48

The James Brand Benton Pen

The perfect companion to your pocket notebook, The James Brand’s Benton Pen — which comes with a lifetime warranty — is built from sturdy stainless steel, has a simple clicker operation, is compatible with widely-available Schmidt ink cartridges (easily accessed via a simple twist), and it’s available in a trio of colorways.

Purchase: $60

WE Knife Co. Banter Folder

Designed by Blade HQ’s own Ben Petersen, the WE Knife Co. Banter is an exceedingly solid everyday carry folding knife marked by G-10 handle scales, a high-end CPM-S35VN blade, a sturdy liner lock, and a deep-carry pocket clip. It’s not particularly boastful (though it is quite handsome), but that works to its benefit, as this blade is definitely meant to be used — and in-use is where it really shines.

Purchase: $109