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EcoFlow’s Camp-Ready Air Conditioner Is the Most Powerful of Its Size

Arguably the worst part about the weather heating up is the sudden surge in our electric bills. Yet those of us who live in areas where the temperatures reach over 100 degrees on a daily basis simply have no choice but to keep our cooling units on perennially. Luckily, EcoFlow has rendered the dilemma moot with its new long-lasting portable air conditioner.

Pumping out 1200W of cooling, the Wave is the most powerful air conditioner of its size and can cool down a 64sq.ft room by nearly 43 degrees in just 8 minutes. While perfect for a tent or RV while camping during the summer, the Wave is also more than sufficient for keeping you comfortable in a standard bedroom or living room. After only 2 hours of charging, the unit is good for anywhere between 3 and 12 hours of consistent airflow depending on which battery you use and can be extended even beyond that by configuring airflow optimization.

Not only does the Wave have unmatched performance when cooling the inside of your house, but makes it so you don’t have to avoid the outdoors during the next scorcher. Plug the unit into your car charger or keep it topped off with the 200W solar panel that reaches a full charge in just 5 hours. Fully control and customize the Wave from your EcoFlow mobile app, which allows you to monitor battery life and program temperatures and runtime from afar.

The Wave pairs with EcoFlow’s charging banks, the DELTA Max and DELTA Pro, for even longer runtimes and power efficiency. You can pre-order the Wave from EcoFlow’s website starting at $1,499, with pre-sale discounts and bundles available while supplies last. Deliveries are scheduled for early July.

Purchase: $1,499+

Photo: EcoFlow