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Dango’s M1 Lite is a Vertical-Access Tactical EDC Wallet

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Photos: Dango Products

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What Zippo is to lighters and Leatherman is to multi-tools, Dango has long been for tactical wallets, with the California-based company being largely responsible for inventing and defining the tactical wallet space. And after pioneering the space, the brand has now returned to the drawing board in order to deliver an even more impressive tactical wallet that does an even better job of lending itself to everyday carry duties with the all-new Dango M1 Lite Maverick Bifold Wallet

Dango M1 Lite Wallet 1
Photo: Dango Products

Made in America through a combination of handcrafted construction and CNC machining, the Dango M1 Lite Maverick Bifold Wallet is modeled after the outfit’s existing M1 chassis — the same platform that some of its best-selling models are based on like the M1 Spec-Ops and the M1 Rail wallets — though this frame has been redesigned to provide the same utility albeit in a smaller, more compact and pocketable form. Measuring 2.8”W x 4.2”H x 0.6”D, this new vertical access wallet is constructed around Dango’s new M1 Lite chassis, which is precision-machined from aerospace-grade 6061 aluminum before being further fortified via a Cerakote ceramic polymer coating. On one side of the chassis is Dango’s patented rail system — which can house up to 4 cards — while the other side of the frame sports a water-resistant DTEX bifold pocket that can hold up to 10 additional cards. This redesigned chassis results in an EDC wallet that’s noticeably smaller and svelter than its non-Lite-spec predecessors, with the M1 Lite wallet tipping the scales at just 2.7oz — roughly half the weight of existing M1 models like the M1 Maverick Rail wallet, which clocks in at 5oz. 

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Photo: Dango Products

As if the collective more than a dozen cards of storage space offered by the M1 Rail system and DTEX bifold pockets weren’t enough, Dango has also bestowed its latest tactical EDC wallet with a hidden cavity built into the center of the chassis that can hold up to 10 folded bills. Despite the smaller chassis dimensions, the M1 Lite is nonetheless compatible with all of Dango’s M-Series-style leather and DTEX pockets, as well as with a host of add-ons and accessories like the brand’s M1 Silicone Wallet Bands, Pocket Clip, and Badge Holder, just to name a few. Also of note is the fact that the M1 Lite wallet’s DTEX bifold pocket comes loaded with Dango’s MT01 Clasp Multi-tool which boasts a built-in bottle opener, a 0.25” wrench, small Phillips and flathead drivers, and a chisel. Mated together using stainless steel hardware, the M1 Lite wallet also ships with an included Dango RFID Secured Card and a 550 Paracord lanyard. 

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Photo: Dango Products

Offered in Desert Sand (seen here) or OD Green Cerakoted color options, the Dango M1 Lite Maverick Bifold Wallet is available now with pricing set at $109.