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Hands On: G-Shock MTGB1000 Review

Back in late March, the watch world congregated for the annual Baselworld conference held in Switzerland to feast their eyes on what’s to come for the remainder of 2018 and into early 2019. Brands both of global recognition and smaller local rapport all contributed to what some call the Geneva Auto Show of watches to showcase the future and potential fate of their inventory for fans the world over. One such brand – G-SHOCK – once again caught the attention of the masses with several groundbreaking releases and iterations of their famed product lineups with one watch really standing out amongst the crowd. We’re speaking, of course, of the G-SHOCK MTGB1000-1A.

Aside from groundbreaking construction and it’s extremely durable nature – we are talking about a G-SHOCK after all – what struck the crowd about the new MTG was its Bluetooth connectivity; a first for the luxurious lineup. That’s right, along with all the perks and features of a traditional MTG, the new MTGB1000-1A now syncs up with your smartphone for increased accuracy and ease of use. We were so intrigued, in fact, that we opted to get our hands on one ourselves to test it out. Needless to say, we were quite impressed.

The Look

Sleek and Travel-Ready

While the initial sneak peak took place back in early spring, G-SHOCK has now made the new MTGB1000 available for purchase. Which is great for those looking to scoop up a fine business and travel-friendly timepiece for years to come. We say this because unlike many other watches in their expensive lineup, this special offering is positioned for the more business-friendly crowd; those first-class travelers constantly on the go and needing to remain up to date with happenings across the globe and respective time zones.

Its downsized case also works as a fine timepiece adoring the wrist of a suit-wearing gentleman – conveniently fitting under the sleeves of such as well thanks to a lightweight 123-gram build and a 55.8 x 51.7 x 14.4 mm case. Such downsizing is attributed to the improved connection structure and developing a smaller module overall. Not to worry though, it’s still resilient to everyday wear and tear just like any other trusted G-SHOCK timepiece. Additionally, we found the handsome black resin band, silver stainless steel body, and subtle red accents gave the new MTGB1000 the ability to complement just about any professional attire with ease.

The Build

Detailed Precision

Diving deeper into the build, we found a majority of the allure the MTGB1000 offered was a well-positioned balance between both form and function. Meaning, in addition to its looks, this thing could still take a beating and perform like no other watch we’ve come across. There’s a myriad of functionality we’ll dive into in the next section but expanding on the build itself, one huge selling point for us was its carbon fiber reinforced inner case housed in a box-shaped frame that connects the bezel, back cover, and band connecter – the proverbial “glue” if you will. From here, this provides the watch with a thinner, lighter, and smaller structure than previous iterations. Additionally, G-SHOCK didn’t skimp on the small parts either, which became evident after our inspection of the resin watch band in which we found all metal parts with large bolts serving as key connection pieces to offer a secure fit.

And just like a luxurious automobile, the MTGB1000 featured several aesthetic details to really up the tangible value and overall appearance. For instance, Sallaz polishing across the body created a premium metal finish outside the case. This acute attention to detail works to bring out the proprietary craftsmen techniques such as hairline machining, honing and knurling to create an ultra-smooth almost mirror-like finish across the watch’s surface. This, combined with a sapphire crystal, gives the timepiece an elegant aesthetic the truly works to showcase G-SHOCK’s prowess in luxury watch production.


Bluetooth Connectivity: An MTG First

Which now brings us to the meat and potatoes of what makes the MTGB1000 so special. Here, it’s the groundbreaking inclusion of Bluetooth functionality now allowing the luxurious timepiece to pair seamlessly with your smartphone of choice via their G-SHOCK Connected app. Though this connection, the watch automatically syncs with your local time zone through internet time servers. Once connected, the watch conducts a handful of status checks a day – visible as graphic displays on the app – to keep you updated on its solar charge level, reception, and internal updates. Also, for accuracy’s sake, the MTGB1000 will automatically adjust the time up to four times a day for the most precise timekeeping worldwide. We say that because the watch allows for dual dial world timekeeping by allowing the wearer to automatically select upwards of 300 cities from within the app – with the MTG automatically adjusting when needed.

Additionally, let’s not forget about the brand’s Triple G Resist technology that protects the watch against shocks, centrifugal forces, and vibration at all times while a 200-meter water resistance, tough solar technology to keep things charged, Neo Brite luminous hands, and a stopwatch all work in your favor for everyday use. And with so much functionality, it’s no doubt we took our time testing this timepiece to its full capacity. And though our gauntlet of testing and use, the dial face for us was one fine piece of work thanks to both 12 and 24-hour sub-dials at the 12 and 6 o’clock position while a battery life indicator and day marker at the 9 o’clock position ensured we had enough power to test and didn’t get too lost in our experiment. Truly a traveler’s watch suitable for any environment – and looks damn good while performing as well.

Time's Up

A G-Shock Game Changer

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. And while our time with the G-SHOCK MTGB1000 was relatively short-lived, our hands-on experience with the timepiece won’t be forgotten. The reason being was our interest and experimentation with a watch that could handle outdoor excursions with ease but looked the part of an executive boardroom-worthy timepiece. We feel that’s what truly sets G-SHOCK apart from the competition – the fact that no matter how diversified their lineup gets over time, they don’t sacrifice their core values.

And it’s these core values of reliability, durability, and design that we respect so much about the brand. For too many competitors begin taking shortcuts as they grow in size. On the contrary, made evident by the sleek and highly-functional MTGB1000, G-SHOCK ups the ante with subsequent releases rather than simplifies their offerings, which is something we’re sure will continue to occur as we press forward through the end of 2018 and into next year’s Baselworld conference. As always, time with tell.

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The Watch: G-Shock's MTGB1000

After getting hands-on with the watch, it immediately became clear to us that G-Shock has really stepped up their game with this newest addition to the MTG lineup. Not only does the watch’s construction speak for itself, but its Bluetooth-connected technology and extensive resistance to outside influences, this is one resilient yet luxurious timepiece up for just about any challenge across the globe.

Purchase: $800