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Hands On: G-Shock G-Steel Watch Review

Time is of the essence. As a contemporary colloquial phrase, there really is no better way to sum up modern day-to-day life circa 2018. Life moves quicker than ever these days — paired with lightning fast communications, expedited travel, and an interconnected lifestyle like never before. Yes, time is most certainly of life’s essence, the nucleus of everything we do and dictator of how we do it. And at the center of all this, the wristwatch remains an heirloom-worthy tradition, keeping us on par with our natural world’s internal clock.

And at the center of it all is CASIO, a household brand building out a rugged and dedicated line of G-SHOCK watches that function with peak performance and remain — like a good soldier — at the ready and willing to handle anything life’s unpredictable protocol throws its way. The G-STEEL collection is no exception. Here, these handsome purpose-built timepieces come equipped with stylish accents any working professional can appreciate. So, when G-SHOCK went and released their all-new G-STEEL GSTB100XA-1A watch, we just had to get our hands on one to test for ourselves.

The Look

Form & Function

In congruence with the G-STEEL lineup, this new offering — at least here in the U.S. — follows form with fellow G-STEEL watches. Meaning, similar to the MUDMASTER’s prowess for the field, the G-STEEL GSTB100XA-1A is built with the traveler, professional urbanite, and style-forward gentleman in mind. Don’t let appearances fool you, however, for all the rugged features we’ve come to know and love from G-SHOCK are present in spades, just in a more “undercover” aesthetic. The G-STEEL is built with the traveler, professional urbanite, and style-forward gentleman in mind.

Speaking of which, one of the key characteristics we immediately came to appreciate was the black, blue, and slate-gray colorways. Not only are these brutalist in their own right but they also boast compatibility with just about any professional getup out there. On the surface, black reigns supreme, as it should, while sleek well-positioned blue accents on the dial and bezel add a cold-colored touch while complementing the G-STEEL’s attractive stainless steel body. A modern piece at its finest.

The Build

A G-Steel First

Looks, however, only took us so far when diving into the new G-STEEL GSTB100XA-1A head first. And while we’ve got our hands on some near perfect G-SHOCK watches before, nothing could prepare us for a key element of the timepiece’s rugged exterior. We’re speaking, of course, on the intensely-built carbon composite bezel. Constructed of resin that’s been amalgamated with a TORAYCA®*1 carbon-fiber material developed with NANOALLOY® technology. The result is a laminated material that’s incredibly lightweight and durable in nature — not to mention adds a bit of a tactical element to the watch.

This is all in addition to the watch’s polished stainless steel case complete with a metallic finish, a layered guard structure around the bezel for enhanced protection against potential dial impacts, and a shock-resistant build only G-SHOCK could stamp their name across. In addition to said protection against unwanted vibrations and impacts, the G-STEEL GSTB100XA-1A hosts a unique battery/timer indicator at the 9 o’clock position inspired by jet engine blades.


From The City To The Summit

Diving further into the timepiece, the true majesty of the GSTB100XA-1A becomes apparent. It’s here where the elegant exterior meets the tenacious functionality of the build. For instance, this is one of the first G-STEEL Connected watches to host the aforementioned carbon bezel. In short, this timekeeper comes equipped with a range of useful features such as automatic time adjustment and a world timer for over 300 cities across the globe compliments of the G-SHOCK Connected app that syncs with the watch via Bluetooth technology and an internet time server. Easy to use and sync on our end, this was a key feature we could find to very handy while traversing time zones. This is one of the first G-STEEL Connected watches to host a carbon bezel.

Additionally, because this is G-SHOCK, the G-STEEL GSTB100XA-1A also hosts their Tough Solar technology that works to keep everything charged and ticking with a little help from both the sun and fluorescent lighting. And in case you’re wondering, yes, that means this timepiece houses an embedded solar panel and a rechargeable solar battery so you’ll never have to worry about the G-STEEL running out of power. This is all in addition to the watch’s 200-meter water resistance, dual dial world time, one-second stopwatch, 24-hour countdown timer, battery level indicator, and LED Super Illuminator light with afterglow. Truly a power-user-friendly timepiece on every level.

Time's Up

A Groundbreaking Piece From G-SHOCK

There’s rarely a watch we come across that’s as versatile, stylish, and purpose-built as this new offering from G-SHOCK. Quite literally, the G-STEEL GSTB100XA-1A checked every box on our list of what makes a watch not only tick along swimmingly but do so within an aura of elegance to boot. It’s a complicated feat to accomplish, but this new G-STEEL beat the system with sheer fortitude.

With that in mind, the million dollar question remains: who is this watch for? The answer, in short, is anyone. It’s simultaneously that simple and complicated. Take, for instance, the watch’s rugged build. Such a construction makes it ideal for hiking, fishing, or camping — not to mention the Tough Solar tech. On the contrary, the wayward traveler, business professional, and punctual executive will find the appearance unassuming yet stylish, the connectivity utilitarian in nature, and multiple timers preventive in their efforts to mitigate any wasted time. Because, as you may recall, time is of the essence.

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The Watch: G-Shock G-Steel Carbon Watch

Featuring an all-new lightweight carbon bezel, the sleek timepiece hosts all the same durable construction we know and love — adding yet another formidable watch to an already renowned G-STEEL lineup. From the city to the summit, it’s right at home.

Purchase: $600