The 5 Best New EDC Knives of November 2021

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It isn’t until actually carrying a blade on a daily basis that a lot of individuals realize just how useful and utilitarian these pocketable edged tools truly are, lending themselves to everything from opening packages to making basic cuts. And with the broader everyday carry space rapidly growing in popularity, there are now more knife models to choose from than ever before, all ranging in style, materials, and pricing.

The sheer abundance of different knives on the market does afford shoppers an enormous selection of blades to pick from, however, it can also make it difficult to sort through the seemingly endless sea of available offerings in order to hone in on the model that’s most conducive to your personal wants and needs. One surefire way of acquiring a “cutting-edge” blade is scouring the new arrivals section at the knife-centric online retail giant BladeHQ — a neatly organized selection of new models that’s updated on a near-daily basis. Below, we’ve handpicked our five favorite knives released on BladeHQ this month.

SOG SOG-TAC AU Tanto Automatic

Considering its sub-$150 MSRP, the Studies and Observations Group’s SOG-TAC AU Tanto Automatic unequivocally offers an unbeatable value. Made in America, this automatic EDC knife features a (0.11″ thick) 3.375″plain-edge, hollow-ground tanto blade that’s crafted from D2 steel and mated to a set of aluminum scales equipped with SOG’s patented XR Lock. Bestowed with an unmistakable tactically-inspired aesthetic, the SOG-TAC AU Tanto Automatic is ambidextrous and weighs in at only 3.5oz.

Blade: D2
Handle: Aluminum
Blade Length: 3.375″
Total Length: 8.00″
Lock Type: XR Lock

Purchase: $145

Bear & Son 30th Anniversary Butterfly Knife

Bear & Son Cutlery Inc. was founded in 1991 by one Ken Griffey in Jacksonville, Alabama, and with 2021 marking the company’s 30th anniversary, B&S has opted to mark the occasion via an updated, top-shelf material, Zen Pin construction version of its classic balisong. Measuring 9″ in total, this American-made knife packs a 4.0″ Damascus steel clip point blade that’s mated to steel handles adorned in milled carbon fiber inlays via bronze pivot washers.

Blade: Damascus Steel
Handle: Steel & Carbon Fiber
Blade Length: 4.0″
Total Length: 9″
Lock Type: Spring Latch

Purchase: $150

Benchmade 940 Osborne (Natural G10)

First debuting in 2000, the Benchmade 940 Osborne has long been one of the Oregon City outfit’s most-popular folders, but we’re not sure that we’ve ever seen a more impressive rendition of it than the natural G-10-handled version seen here. The knife sports a unique 3.40″ CPM-M4 reverse tanto blade, one of Benchmade’s signature proprietary AXIS locks, a deep-carry tip-up pocket clip, and a set of partially-transparent scales made a natural G-10 construction. This version of the knife also tips the scales at just 2.65oz — only 0.2oz more than the ultralight carbon fiber-scaled 940 variant.

Blade: CPM-M4
Handle: G-10
Blade Length: 3.40″
Total Length: 7.87″
Lock Type: AXIS

Purchase: $196

Bestech x Jason Clark Spanish Tip Razor

A thoroughly top-shelf take on a cleaver-style EDC knife, the Spanish Tip Razor was born out of a collaboration between Bestech and renowned knife designer Jason Clark. A premium knife through and through, this model is comprised of a (0.14″ thick) 3.75″ cleaver-type blade made from Böhler M390 that’s paired with a titanium liner shrouded in carbon fiber scales, outfitted with matching titanium bolsters and a titanium pocket clip, and smoothly guided via a ball bearing-equipped pivot.

Blade: Böhler M390
Handle: Carbon Fiber & Titanium
Blade Length: 3.75″
Total Length: 8.50″
Lock Type: Liner Lock

Purchase: $248

BergBlades Mini Slim Frame Lock

Designed by Matt Westberg, the BergBlades Mini Slim Frame Lock is another thoroughly high-end interpretation of a cleaver-style EDC blade, pieced together using a spare-no-expense approach. Fairly compact at only 5.75″ when open, the Mini Slim Frame Lock packs a (0.16″ thick) 2.375″ CPM-20CV sheepsfoot blade that’s opened with a thumbhole and effortlessly guided via a pivot with ball bearings. What’s more, this knife’s flat-ground blade is also mated to a compact pair of frame-locking titanium scales that are just 0.52″ thick.

Blade: CPM-20CV
Handle: Titanium
Blade Length: 2.375″
Total Length: 5.75″
Lock Type: Frame Lock

Purchase: $285

The 5 Best New EDC Knives of October 2021

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