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Everyday Carry: Oni

In western culture, the term “demon” typically applies to supernatural entities that are the embodiment of pure evil, especially when it comes to Christian-based religions and communities. However, if you look to the Far East, the distinction between good and evil is much less straightforward. Take, for instance, the concept of Oni, the closest Japanese analog for the western concept of demons. A type of Yōkai (which roughly translates to “strange apparition”), Oni are traditionally associated with bad omens and are often portrayed as hulking troll-like beasts known for destruction and violence. However, their classical depictions have softened over time and now these creatures are, in certain circumstances (including parade processions), included as a means of helping to dispel bad luck or offer protection. In this way, they’re not unlike some western cultures’ pagan deities, like Norse trickster god Loki or the coyote in many Native American cultures — not strictly good, but not strictly evil, either. It’s these easily misunderstood mythological creatures that have inspired this week’s everyday carry loadout, which is made up of a collection of beautifully crafted and exceptionally useful Japanese-made goods.

Inden Card Case

Though they might seem like a new name, Inden can trace its craftsmanship back 400 years to the time of the samurai. And that probably explains, in part, why this wallet is so beautifully crafted with its deerskin leather construction, lacquer-coated finish, and five slots for all your everyday carry cards and cash.

Purchase: $70

Nagao Higonokami Friction Folder

An upscale version of one of the most iconic knives ever, this friction folder was handmade by master artisans in Japan and features a thick white paper steel reverse tanto blade mated to a handsome stainless steel handle. If you’re looking for a heritage blade to add to your collection, you can’t go wrong here.

Purchase: $140

Seiko Prospex ‘Arnie’ SNJ029 Watch

Yes, this is a version of the same watch worn by the Governator in both Predator and Commando. However, even without being an iconic movie watch, this solar-powered diver’s watch would be pretty special — thanks to features like a 6-month battery reserve, both analog and digital displays, a 200m water-resistance rating, and more.

Purchase: $413

EYEVAN 7285 Octagon-Frame Sunglasses

Proof positive you don’t have to buy Wayfarers or Aviators in order to get your hands on some timeless sunglasses, the EYEVAN 7285 Octagon-Frame Sunglasses are built from sturdy silver-toned metal, boast 100% UV-proof lenses, and they’re made in Japan by skilled artisans.

Purchase: $660