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Nov 18, 2020

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It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while an art form that was once looked at as less-than transcends its humble beginning to become beloved around the world. Rock and Roll music is probably one of the most potent examples of this, which started off in small circles — chiefly populated by people of color — and was widely looked at as sinful and wrong before it ascended to become one of the most popular forms of music in the world. We’re now in the midst of a similar progression; however, it’s street art that’s now making the climb. At one point, graffiti was looked at strictly as vandalism; and anyone that participated in it was labeled a criminal. However, with its growing popularity — thanks to huge names like Banksy, Shepard Fairey, and even old-school artists that helped pave the way like Keith Haring — the medium is no longer quite so black-and-white. Street art is no longer strictly looked at as counterculture. In fact, it’s even made its way into the world of everyday carry, which we’ve illustrated in this week’s street art-inspired loadout.

Montana Bold Marker

While we’d not go so far as to encourage vandalism, Montana’s Bold Markers are a tried-and-true street artist’s tool trusted throughout the graffiti world. Add one of these to your everyday carry and you can practice your lettering and line work on-the-go.

Purchase: $6+

Zippo D* Face Lighter

Done in collaboration with the London artist, lesser-known as Dean Stockton, this limited-edition Zippo lighter is USA-made, comes with a lifetime guarantee, and boasts special D* Face artwork on its exterior. If you’re going to carry a lighter as a part of your EDC loadout and you appreciate street art, you can’t go wrong here.

Purchase: $42

Leatherman Signal Multi-Tool

A vibrant, eye-catching take on one of Leatherman’s best multi-tools of all time, the Signal you see here is crafted from sturdy stainless steel, features 19 indispensable built-in tools, and it’s guaranteed by the brand for 25 years of service. This isn’t just an everyday carry tool; it’s a secret weapon that you’ll be glad to have in a pinch.

Purchase: $120

TAG Heuer Formula 1 ‘Alec Monopoly’ Watch

A quirky, graffiti-inspired take on one of TAG Heuer’s most iconic watches, this Formula 1 timepiece boasts a stainless steel case, a perforated leather band, luminescent markings, an automatic movement, and Monopoly-lampooning artwork on the dial.

Purchase: $3,033

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