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Jun 24, 2020

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As uncomfortable or unfortunate as it might seem, the world as we know it is changing due to the impacts of COVID-19 — and that is an inescapable fact. Social distancing looks to be the norm nowadays and, whether you like it or not, more and more government bodies and capitalist organizations are implementing rules to suit our new world. Perhaps the largest change is that many states are beginning to require the use of face masks for all citizens when using public spaces, especially those indoors — like restaurants, gyms, grocery stores, etc. As such, it seems likely that many of us will need to add a mask and some other tools to our everyday carry loadouts to cope with these new requirements. The good news is, many of our favorite brands have already been crafting gear suited perfectly to these unique times. And that’s inspired us to put together this simple-yet-effective collection of EDC gear designed specifically to help keep you and those around you safe in a post-pandemic world.

AMMAX Travel Bottles

One of the simplest ways to protect yourself from germs when you’re out and about is by carrying with you some hand sanitizer. But if you prefer to save some money by buying in bulk, you’ll need a way to bring some with you in your pocket. That’s where these silicone 3-ounce travel containers come in handy. They’re less wasteful than disposable ones, they’re easy to fill, easy to pocket, and they’re compatible with TSA requirements for travelers.

Purchase: $9

Leatherman Clean Contact Carabiner

Made specifically in response to the coronavirus crisis, Leatherman — one of the top names in EDC multi-tools — has created the Clean Contact Carabiner. This 260 copper alloy device is naturally antimicrobial, was designed to allow users to open doors and push buttons without actually touching them with their hands, and it has an integrated bottle opener as a nice little bonus. No, this device can’t save you from COVID-19 alone, but it can definitely help keep you much safer when used properly alongside a mask, social distancing, and sanitizing.

Purchase: $25

Under Armour UA Sportsmask

One of the problems with many of the available washable masks out there is that they tend to get a little stuffy and aren’t as breathable as we might like. But this one from Under Armour was made specifically for athletes and, therefore, was designed explicitly to be as comfortable and breathable as possible — all while still being an effective barrier. It’s also antimicrobial, water-resistant, and has cooling fabrics built-in for added all-day comfort.

Purchase: $30

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