Everyday Carry: Elegance

So the old saying goes: money isn’t everything. And while we certainly believe there’s a lot more to the universe than some cash in our pockets, it also needs to be said that a bit of scratch can put you on the fast track to some really superb gear — everyday carry or otherwise. The one thing to keep in mind, however, is that the tenets of EDC should certainly still apply. That means, while your pocketable tools and accessories can certainly be upscale and produced with rare and expensive materials, it should also still be functional — because the time may come when you really need to use it. It’s that junction between usefulness and opulence that has inspired this week’s pocket dump. This gear is beautiful; there’s no doubt about that. But it also serves a purpose, which is arguably the more important part of including it in your daily haul.

Tom Ford Full Grain Leather Bifold

Tom Ford is a man of many talents — including crafting beautiful feature-length movies, like Nocturnal Animals — but he’s certainly best known in the fashion industry for creating sleek and chic clothing and accessories. This leather bifold is a superb example of his prowess and boasts a slim Italian leather construction, room inside for 8+ cards and cash, and it has small-but-bold gold-colored branding on the exterior.

Purchase: $350

ST Dupont James Bond 007 Cigar Cutter

An official collaboration with everyone’s favorite movie super spy, the ST Dupont James Bond 007 Cigar Cutter is an ultra-luxe take on a high-end men’s gear essential. And while the guillotine-style cutting tool is undoubtedly razor-sharp and perfect for cutting the ends of your favorite stogies, it is elevated by its golden exterior — which is actually PVD coated, making it even more durable than it would normally be.

Purchase: $404

Montblanc Meisterstück Classique Fountain Pen

Writing with a fountain pen requires practice in order to be done well, but it’s also an art that speaks to the skill and class of the author. This particular example from Montblanc features a striking 14k gold-lined nib, a slender resin body, a reliable snap-on cap, and a pocket clip for easier hauling in the day-to-day.

Purchase: $580

Zippo 18 Kt. Solid Gold Lighter

Made in America since 1932, Zippo lighters are the benchmark for excellence. And while a basic flip-top lighter of theirs costs very little and can last for generations — especially when you consider the brand’s lifetime guarantee — there’s something to be said about the sheer luxury of this 18-karat gold offering. As far as everyday carry goes, this accessory may be small but it packs a stylistic wallop.

Purchase: $11,894

Grand Seiko SBGW262 Elegance Collection Watch

Even without any particularly special design elements, this high-end 18k yellow gold Japanese automatic watch would be pretty spectacular. But take a closer look and you’ll see that the dial is actually made from “long-lasting Urushi that comes from trees grown in and around the town of Joboji” which is then mixed with iron to produce its distinct deep-black appearance. Furthermore, the indices feature a raised maki-e technique by the master of Kaga Maki-e Urushi, Isshu Tamura. And those are just two of the many things that make this upscale dress watch so amazing — and so expensive.

Purchase: $30,000