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Feb 17, 2021

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As far as we know, humans are the most clever lifeforms ever to exist. In fact, we’re so ingenious that we’ve been able how to figure out ways to extract elements from the world around us in order to reshape the very planet upon which we live. One of the biggest advents therein is the discovery and refinement of bronze — a metal alloy traditionally comprised of copper and tin — way back in ancient Sumeria (roughly around 3500 BC). This discovery was so significant, in fact, that an entire era of human history is named after the material. This tough, gleaming, versatile metal helped found, elevate, and solidify entire civilizations — especially through the forging of tools, weapons, armor, and more. And it has also inspired this week’s everyday carry loadout. Real bronze is fairly hard to come by in EDC gear nowadays, but it’s practically impossible not to recognize how ubiquitous the influence of this metal truly is, so long as you look closely enough.

Olight Warrior Mini Flashlight

A more compact and EDC-friendly version of one of Olight’s most formidable self-defense flashlights, the Warrior Mini is much more compact than its heftier brethren, but still boasts a 1,500-lumen max output, a hefty 3500mAh battery for runtimes as long as 45 days per charge, IPX8 waterproofing, and so much more.

Purchase: $80

Dango M1 Maverick Spec-Ops Wallet

Inspired by hardcore doomsday preppers, first responders, and military personnel, Dango’s M1 Maverick Spec-Ops Wallet can hold up to 10 cards and a wad of cash, boasts a Cerakote-finished aluminum frame, offers RFID-blocking technology, and comes with a removable (for TSA compliance) MT04 Multi-Tool that turns this cash and card carrier into something much more useful in a pinch.

Purchase: $129

Zero Tolerance 0609 Knife

While the styling of Zero Tolerance’s 0609 knife looks a bit intimidating and unwieldy, this is actually a more compact version of one of the brand’s original Factory Custom blades. Like its bigger brother, it still features a CPM-20CV high-end blade, bronze-anodized titanium handle, and signature See-Through Pivot. If you’re waiting for a sign to upgrade your EDC knife to something a bit more refined and formidable, this is it.

Purchase: $260

Alpina AL-525LBBR4V4 Automatic Watch

While they aren’t quite as well known as most of the major players in the watch space, Alpina no less deserves respect for their exceptional offerings — this automatic dive watch among them. It features a self-winding 26-jewel Swiss movement, waterproofing good for depths up to 300m, a bronze PVD case, and two interchangeable straps — one leather and one rubber. Even in minimizing its features to focus on its looks, this timepiece is still an attention-grabber if there ever was one.

Purchase: $1,349

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