Enya’s NEXG Smart Guitar Serves As an All-in-One Audio Entertainment Center

While purists and professionals may scoff at the idea of the modernized smart guitar, it’s worth mentioning just how powerful these unique instruments are. With a variety of brands crafting some great examples in the past, Enya falls near the top of that list, as its latest generation of techy musical equipment offers more than the ability to learn a few chords.

Enya is touting its state-of-the-art release as the first of its kind, boasting a variety of features like a built-in preamp and 50-watt Bluetooth speaker, the former of which offers musicians the ability to connect any other electric instruments they may have on hand. As far as the speaker is concerned, the wireless connectivity allows users the opportunity to listen to music or even host a karaoke get-together, thanks to its incredibly innovative vocal removal button.

Other standout elements of the NEXG are mainly pertinent to legitimately playing the instrument, those of which include an uber-handy onboard tuner and a handful of interchangeable effects that users can swap out via Enya’s corresponding app. In addition to serving as a next-level audio device, its unique airy design is sure to double as a conversation piece whenever someone sees it in your home, with it’s in your hand or on its stand.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to up your playing prowess or merely in awe of the fact that smart guitars even exist, Enya is offering you the perfect place to start. Its highly-capable NEXG smart guitar is currently available for $900 in a quartet of eye-grabbing colors.

Purchase: $900

Photo: Enya