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DJI’s Avata Pro-View Combo Offers a Sweeping First Person View

DJI’s standard-setting drones are the favorite of most gadgeteers willing to pay a solid chunk of money. To no surprise, the Chinese gadgeteer’s latest brand follows the same trend, as the Avata Pro-View Combo is its first-ever cinewhoop-style drone with a sprawling 115° field of view.

Cinewhoop-style drones are technologically coordinated to capture nothing short of stabilized, crystal clear video footage. Much of this is thanks to its 4K/60fps recording capabilities, 48-megapixel camera, and low-latency transmission. Moreover, it features DJI’s proprietary RockSteady and HorizonSteady tech, the latter of which is the manufacturer’s latest stabilization algorithm that maintains a leveled horizon in every frame. As far as time is concerned, the new release boasts up to 18 minutes of battery life, allowing you to make the most of its recording prowess.

Most impressively, the Avata Pro-View comes alongside a motion controller and pair of goggles that allow you to immerse yourself in its journey. This neighboring eyewear gadget boasts a pair of Micro-OLED screens for an optimized viewing experience. It even features a built-in propeller guard to ensure it can bounce back if it comes in contact with another object, which is unlike the majority of options in the company’s catalog. Whether operating it in narrow canyons or deep into the ocean, you’ll be able to see through your drone’s very own eyes — or lens, in this case.

Like most other DJI gadgets, there are several bundles to choose from. The standalone Avata is available for $628, while the Pro-View Combo, with the Goggles and Motion Controller, retails for $1,388.

Purchase: $628+