DJI’s Action Cam 2 Brings Big Improvements from Its Prior Model

Although their impressive drones have reasonably delivered the larger waves across the tech industry, DJI’s follow-up to their GoPro-like Action Cam is looking to make a similar impact on the space.

The Action Cam 2 comes available in a pair of models, those being the Power Combo and the far more enticing Dual Screen Combo. While the latest reveal offers a plethora of significant differences from their prior model, the Osmo Action, the most notable changes are the magnets that are strategically placed throughout the camera in order to provide varying mounting options. While its standard model is packaged alongside a pair of accessories, like a magnetic lanyard and magnetic adapter mount, the Dual Screen Combo comes equipped with a touchscreen power module and magnetic ball-joint adapter mount, optimizing accessibility and creativity no matter what angle you find yourself wanting to take things on. The Action Cam 2 also boasts a bolstered frame rate of 120fps when shooting at a modern-day 4K standard, whereas the Osmo Action was only capable of 60fps. It also utilizes DJI’s latest stabilization technology in HorizonSteady, providing the smoothest footage no matter where you may be. As far as battery life is concerned, the unit alone can last as long as 70 minutes, while it is capable of shooting up to 160 minutes when utilizing the touchscreen module, with the power module pushing that a bit further to 180 minutes. Above all else, the Action Cam 2 is waterproof up to 10 meters.

If you’re looking to bring an upgrade to your personal recording experience, then do yourself a major favor and look no further. The Action Cam 2 is available now from DJI and starts at $399 for the Power Combo, while its touchscreen equivalent is $519.

Purchase: $399+

Photo: DJI
Photo: DJI