Andrew Demko Treats His AD20.5 EDC Knife to Jade Grivory Scales

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Andrew Demko is unequivocally one of the most respected knife designers on the planet, with more than a quarter-century of experience penning idiosyncratic knives and innovative locking mechanisms — including the Tri-Ad and Scorpion Locks. And after an extended tenure heading up R&D for Cold Steel, Demko recently decided to branch out and begin producing knives under his own brand — the first of which is the game-changing Demko AD20.5.

The AD20.5 is comprised of a set of steel liners adorned in scales made from Grivory — an ultra-rugged polyphthalamide-based semi-crystalline thermoplastic construction. In typical Demko fashion, the AD20.5 comes equipped with a proprietary locking mechanism known as a Shark-Lock. Capable of being used with one hand, this mechanism is activated by pulling back the knife’s jimped fin, which then doubles as a thumb ramp when the blade is open, bolstering grip and control. Additional jimping along the base of the blade’s spine affords even more control.

The Demko-designed knife features a 3.00” (0.13” thick) blade that’s outfitted with a pass-through opening and dual-sided thumb studs, and fortified via a black diamond-like carbon coating. The clip point blade is crafted from AUS-10A steel – a Chromium-rich alloy produced by Japan’s Aichi Steel Company with stellar edge retention, toughness, and corrosion resistance. An interchangeable, stonewashed deep-carry pocket clip completes this capable yet accessibly-priced package.

Available now exclusively through BladeHQ, this clip point blade, jade Grivory-scaled version of the Demko Knives AD20.5 is priced at $160. What’s more, in addition to selling a Wharncliffe version of this same jade-handled Demko, BladeHQ also offers numerous optional upgrades for the AD20.5, including a replacement Shark-Lock spring and customizable white Grivory scales that can be Rit-dyed any color.

Purchase: $160