Deejo’s Customizable Pocket Knives Are The EDC Gift That Keeps On Giving

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The holidays are a time for giving, and sometimes, finding the most expensive gift you can give won’t adequately portray how much a friend, family member, or romantic interest means to you. It goes without saying that a gift from the heart is much more valuable than something you found while browsing the web, pursuing a department store, or impulsively shopping — so this year, give the individual on the receiving end of your affections something that they’ll cherish for years to come.

When speaking on thoughtful gifts that are as functional and formidable as possible, Deejo is no stranger to the space. For years, the company has been creating, designing, and manufacturing high-end cutting tools with an emphasis on personal taste; but, what if they took that personalization process to the next level? Now, thanks to the company’s Customizable Pocket Knives, you’ll be able to create a tailor-made piece that’s inherently unique, giving you all of the tools you’ll need to surprise a family member, friend, or significant other with something that they’ll use on a daily basis.

How Does It Work?

Crafting The Perfect Blade

If you’re a fan of Deejo’s recognizable blades and silhouettes, you’ll be happy to hear that the company’s customizable interface doesn’t deviate from its utilitarian design principle. In fact, nearly all of the brand’s bespoke styles are available here, including the bare-bones Naked, grain-imbued Natural Wood, Hued Wood, and Carbon Fiber offerings.

We started off by looking at the blade in all of its Naked glory. Crafted from a robust and dependable 420 stainless steel, this minimalistic style is certainly catered toward simplicity, offering a powerful, tactile cutting tool that sits comfortably in the hand. A sleek rail, blade, and clip define the chassis’ utilitarian presence, but without Dango’s detailed 3D modeler, which allows for 360-degree vertical and horizontal rotation, the design process might not feel so simple. As we continued to nitpick and customize the knife, we decided to take a different approach by swapping out the naked silhouette for something a bit more substantial — a shadowy Ebony Wood that would add the blade’s finish and weight.

Moving to the far left side of the customizer, we were pleased to see that Deejo included three of its most popular finishes for perusal. Swapping between the mirrored, grey titanium, and black titanium finishes helped us to better grasp the type of peripheral we were aiming for: a utilitarian tool that was shadowy and sleek, with little room for negotiation. It was here that we opted for a black titanium finish, helping to contrast with the knife’s stealthy rail system and give it an undeniable air of concealed capability.

We debated over the weight and stature of the knife. Did we want something that was small and tactile, or something a with a bit more presence? With Deejo’s intricate customization program, we were able to choose from three of the company’s most popular weights and styles — a 15-gram variant (seven-centimeters when closed), a 27-gram variant (nine-centimeters when closed), and a 37-gram variant (11-centimeters when closed) — to turn our vision into a reality. Eventually, we settled on the largest option, the 37-gram variant, to remain in-line with our intuitive build. This way, the knife would remain heavy and balanced in our hands, while offering that dominant presence we look for in our favorite EDC items.

Next, we moved on to personalization. With Deejo’s 3D modeling interface, we were able to include proprietary text on the peripheral’s lower chassis, swapping between various styles, fonts, and shapes to bring a unique accent to our blacked-out blade. With a 35 character limit, you’ll need to keep your favorite homage concise and quick, but we think it’s more than enough when it comes to customizable flair. The next step in our process, the tattoo, is perhaps the most interesting inclusion to the builder, offering a selection of over 40 different professional tattoo-style designs created exclusively by/for Deejo’s personalization process.

Whether you’re looking for a graphic that accents your own personal passion, or something that mirrors a favorite past time of someone you love, the brand’s eclectic selection is sure to have something for everyone. We settled on an amazing snake illustration to give our blade an even more intimidating presence. But if you’re the type who likes structured simplicity, don’t fret — you’ll be able to keep your knife free of any outlandish designs by selecting “None” to opt-out of the tattoo section.

Our Conclusion

The Perfect Personalized Gift

After building and testing several different knives in Deejo’s customizer, we were adamant about our ability to navigate, personalize, and create the knife of our dreams. If you’re already a fan of the company’s dependable utilitarian offerings, you’ll find that the added ability to make something truly unique means far more than hitting the “add to cart” button on any run-of-the-mill website. With Deejo’s Customizable Pocket Knives, you’ll be able to harness the power of a useful 3D tool to bring your vision to life, and with the holidays right around the corner, it’s the perfect way to show that special person in your life that they’re worth the effort. To keep things expedited, each personalized variant is shipped within 48 hours of your order, and at a price point of $39-$91 (depending on the size and weight of your build), you’ll receive one of the industry’s finest knives for thoughtful gifting as the year comes to a close.

Purchase: $39+