De Tomaso Channels An Iconic Racer For The P72 Supercar

De Tomaso burst onto the automotive scene in 1959, bringing with it a gorgeous design terminology, staunch Italian lineage, and an innovative mindset that’s said to have changed the world of the four-wheeled powertrain forever. As one of the pioneering companies behind the conception of mid-engine race cars, De Tomaso is known primarily for the 1971 Pantera. And now, after years of silence, the company has returned under the direction of Apollo Automobil.

At a glance, the De Tomaso P72 flagship vehicle seems somewhat superfluous; it’s outfitted with a manual-only, mid-engine design, an over-the-top interior that boasts both rose-gold (and copper) accents, and carbon fiber underpinnings that place it in the realm of extravagant design. But, the supercar isn’t as materialistic as it seems. In fact, it draws inspiration from one of the company’s iconic racers from the 1960s, the prototypical P70. Modern design dictates that technical upgrades, like a race-approved Le Mans Prototype carbon monocoque chassis and open-linkage shifter, take center stage. On the interior, copper gauge housing, quilted seats, and vintage undertones serve to amplify the vehicle’s immaculate presence. No performance figures have been released, but we’re willing to bet that — like Apollo Automobil’s other famous examples — the P72 will feature a strong-willed V8 powerplant. For $825,000, you’ll be able to secure your own platform; but you’d better act fast — only 72 will ever be made.

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