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Cleo’s Dronut Drone Proves Big Things Come in Donut-Sized Packages

The level of innovation and ingenuity going into drone development right now is nothing short of astounding. Despite being a relatively new form of technology, drones have rapidly become ubiquitous throughout the world. It seems a day can’t pass without there being a ground-breaking innovation in the drone space taking place. In this case, Cleo Robotics, a Boston-based company, created what they’re touting as the world’s first bi-rotor ducted drone “designed to operate where other robots cannot,” the Dronut X1.

Aside from the Dronut X1 having possibly the best name on the market, it’s absolutely loaded with tech and boasts maneuvering capabilities the likes of which we haven’t really experienced. From a design perspective, the absence of wings or phalanges makes the Dronut X1 look like something out of a sci-fi movie. One of the most impressive innovations the Dronut X1 features is the use of ducted fans, which makes it able to fly comfortably near people as it surveys a landscape. Despite the Dronut X1’s small size, its lack of exposed propellers and composite material construction make it tough and durable. Moreover, its compact and rugged design, as well as its superior maneuverability, make it a perfect solution for flight in GPS-denied environments and confined or hard-to-reach spaces. From a tech perspective, the Dronut X1 is fully loaded. It features a high-resolution 4K camera, 3-dimensional LiDAR, a global shutter camera for super precise positioning, LED lights for operation in the dark, and an advanced computing platform. Essentially, this is one of the most sophisticated surveying and reconnaissance drones that’s commercially available.

What’s even more impressive about the Dronut X1 is that it’s exceedingly user-friendly. The Dronut X1 can be piloted with an Android Phone and can even be modded onto a Playstation controller. With a retail price of $9,800, the Dronut X1 doesn’t come cheap, but if having a real-life hovering robot isn’t worth almost ten grand, what is? Orders for the Dronut X1 are open on Cleo’s website.

Purchase: $9,800

Photo: Cleo Robotics