Citroën’s Far-Out Concept Imagines Mobile Modular Futuristic AI Living Pods

Last October, Citroën, Accor, and JCDecaux announced an ambitious partnership (the Urban Collëctif) aimed at revolutionizing the future of urban mobility. By combining automotive technology with hospitality expertise and outdoor advertising, the three brands believed that they could create a whole new category of sustainable personal transport.

And that they have. Pictured before you is the fruit of their labors, a curious concept dubbed the ‘Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision.’ At its core, it’s effectively an AI-enabled skateboard chassis — the ‘Citroën Skate’ — that rides on a set of Goodyear omnidirectional spheres. Powered by four wheel-mounted electric motors, it’s good for level 5 autonomy, 360 degrees of travel, and a top speed of 16mph depending on the environment. But here’s the thing: unlike most modular skateboard platforms, the Citroën Skate wasn’t intended for a car. Instead, the Urban Collëctif has imagined it to be compatible with a series of interchangeable pods. The Sofitel En Voyage pod, for instance, features a gorgeous wooden exterior and some orange velvet upholstery — presumably for escorting passengers in luxury. The Pullman Power Fitness pod, on the other hand, comes with a rower and a spin bike, offering users a convenient way to exercise on the go.

It’s some undeniably forward-thinking stuff, for sure, but the Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision is a concept that might really change how we move about the city. In fact, Citroën estimates that these pods could improve traffic fluidity by as much as 35%. Though we’re doubtful whether the Skate will ever make it to production, it offers an exciting look at what the future of transport holds.

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Photo: Citroën