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Cabot’s Fire & Ice Pistols Are Made From Damascus, Titanium, & Meteorite

It’s no secret that Cabot Guns has created some of the firearm industry’s most grandiose designs, and with each specialized project, they catapult themselves further into the spotlight. The company’s most recent endeavor, a pair of mesmerizing 1911 pistols dubbed Fire & Ice, is a perfect illustration of its unadulterated talent.

These matching pistols represent the pinnacle of bespoke gun making. Each boasts a lavish exterior that’s been hand-crafted from artisan Damascus steel, helping them to transcend the realm of traditional firearms. But Cabot’s commitment to immeasurable quality doesn’t end there; they’ve also implemented a mixture of artisan-forged steel and Titanium throughout the set, alongside novelties like a front and rear sight that have been formed from a 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite, a contoured and etched topographic surface, and blue sapphire magazine releases. Better yet, the pistols are accompanied by a collection of matching accessories, including a Damascus hammer, bushing wrench, and custom knife, making the Fire & Ice Collection a coveted collector’s item, in its own right. While this specific example was contracted for a client, you can reach out to Cabot Guns if you’re interested in financing your own one-of-a-kind project.

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