Buffalo Trace Is Auctioning off Five Massive Bottles of 40-Year-Old Bourbon

Considered by many to be the oldest continually operating distillery in the United States, Buffalo Trace might be the very paradigm of classic Americana when it comes to the ideals of grit, determination, and tradition. Built in 1792, the very year its home state of Kentucky was admitted to the Union, the distillery has a ton of history to say the least. The name has changed once or twice over its 230-year existence, however, its willingness to adapt with the changing times is what’s helped the brand to survive, even continuing production throughout Prohibition by producing whiskey for medicinal purposes—ostensibly or otherwise.

Buffalo Trace has adapted once again, auctioning off five 6L bottles of a 40-year-old bourbon from its own O.F.C. Vintage label. First distilled back in 1982, this ultra-rare batch was aged for 19 years in new charred American oak barrels, and then held for another 21 in stainless steel tanks. This highly sought-after bourbon is said to hit the nose with rich toffee, honey vanilla, candied fruit, and a hint of that American oak. The palate builds the experience with buttery notes of apple, pecan, and pear, in addition to the rich chocolate and caramel backbone, touches of black cherry, and a classic oak finish.

To bring the vintage bourbon into 2022, Buffalo Trace is giving each auction winner not necessarily the bottle itself, but an exclusive NFT of the very bottle they’ve won. For those who view rare spirits, especially whiskies, as an investment rather than a product to be enjoyed, they can keep their NFT while the online NFT platform BlockBar will keep their bottle until they’re ready to cash in their digital credit for the actual whiskey (i.e. burn the NFT).

Each of the five bottles of the 1982 O.F.C Vintage is available for auction on BlockBar on March 14, with a starting price of 9.54 ETH (~$26,000). Bidding can be made via Ethereum or Fiat, with proceeds benefiting local charities.

Purchase: $26,000