The 12 Best Vintage Classic Sneakers You Can Find on eBay Right Now

Photo: Converse All Star Chuck Taylor

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There aren’t many feelings more enjoyable than getting a brand new pair of fresh sneakers in the mail. Whether it’s unsealing that never-before-opened box or taking those first few steps to break them in, it doesn’t really get any better — but there are some exceptions.

Vintage attire has been a major element of fashion culture for years, even managing to lend a hand in developing the latest trends across even the most modernized circles. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up a dozen vintage, timeless sneakers that are in impeccable condition and simply will never go out of style. On top of that, these are backed by eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee that assures any buyers that they are getting the real deal on a wide variety of used sneakers priced at $150 and up, as they go every step of the way to provide the best product imaginable. Certain silhouettes come and go, but the classics are here to stay, and we’ve rounded up the most emblematic ones available on eBay.

Adidas Superstar

Run D.M.C. said it best, and these adidas only bring good news, too. Introduced back in 1969, the iconic clam-toed kicks have donned a literal rainbow of colorways and been the subject of collaborations with just about everybody, be it Pharrell or Kermit the Frog. While many of them remain cool in their own right, it’s impossible to go wrong with a pair of classics. These particular vintage Superstars dropped in 2005 and are primarily white with brown accents, then rounded off with an eye-catching cream shell and sole that is simply in flawless condition — they even have the tag on them. If these shoes were once sufficient enough for three-quarters of the NBA to wear mid-game, they’re certainly still good enough for you to get around town in.

Purchase: $125

2000 Nike Cortez Original Forest Gump

One of the most Googled questions about Forrest Gump is, “What shoes did Forrest Gump wear?” Whether that has to do with the fact he ran across the entire country in them or simply because they are a nice pair, the Nike Cortez was a significant shoe long before the movie’s release in 1994. Having been unveiled to the public at the 1968 Olympics, this iconic colorway connotes far too well with American culture, albeit its Spanish background. As a pair of kicks that have seen a surfeit of releases, finding some genuine history to them can be difficult, but eBay’s got you covered with a near-perfect pair that is in good enough condition to have been released yesterday.

Purchase: $163

2003 Nike Dunk Low Pro

In this day and age, no shoe pops up more often than a pair of Nike Dunk Lows. From whichever angle you turn your head, a new colorway seems to pop up out of the blue. We all know how irritating it could be to take a walk only to find someone wearing an identical pair of kicks as you, so take a look at this new two-decade-old rendition as a favor to yourself. For this occasion, the now-quintessential shoes are dressed up in Nike’s signature ‘Midnight Navy’ colorway, providing a subtle take on these basketball-turned-skating staples.

Purchase: $250

Converse All Star Chuck Taylor

Here is a silhouette that practically needs no introduction, but they deserve one anyway. Way back in 1917, Converse designed a basketball shoe that wasn’t up to player standards. A few years later, a semi-professional hooper by the name of Chuck Taylor ultimately gave the shoe its everlasting namesake. While Converse’s staple sneaker started as a basketball shoe, it has become an essential piece of footwear across all walks of life. And although this particular pair isn’t over 100 years old, they are some genuine classics that possess a decade-old backstory.

Purchase: $255

2005 Vans Authentics

Nothing screams California more than a pair of Vans. Serving skaters within the state, and around the entire world, since 1966, the Authentics were the brand’s very first model and remain a wardrobe essential over forty years later. This particular pair was released back in 2005 and has not been worn a single time. At the end of the day, while clean shoes may be nice, nothing is better than dirtying up a new pair of Vans all on your own — with these, you can do so the old-fashioned way.

Purchase: $275

1980s Puma Clyde

Former New York Knicks star Walt “Clyde” Fraizer had a persona like no other, boasting a confident and cool appeal that ultimately resulted in an iconic collaboration with Puma that garnered his name. While his variety of fur coats often stole the show, his footwear spoke for itself, as the PUMA Clyde’s smooth suede makeup proved to be as suave as the man himself. While they were originally released back in the early ’70s, Frazier rocked these in-game up until the decade’s tail end, leading them to become one of the more prominent shoes in ’80s pop culture, and eBay has a pair from the Greed Decade in a subtle navy blue.

Purchase: $290

Nike Oregon Waffle

While you may be able to find a pair of Waffle Trainers at your local Foot Locker, their origin story is one for the books and isn’t some other tale that has been told ad nauseam in the same fashion countless others have. Released back in 1972, this emblematic running shoe was crafted by Nike legend Bill Bowerman for Olympic athletes’ practice trials, and they’ve stood the test of time. Although these don’t have a specific year on them, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone else around wearing this brand new vintage pair of ‘Pine Green’ kicks.

Purchase: $325

1990s adidas SAMBA

The SAMBA was introduced way back in the late ’40s and was designed by adidas’ founder Adi Dassler. While the sneaker’s initial intention was to maintain traction on ice, they’ve proven to be a stylish pair to rock no matter what the morning forecast has to say about it. This particular pair came to shape in the early ’90s and is in impeccable condition for their age. After all, timelessness never goes out of style.

Purchase: $350

2001 Air Jordan 3 Black Cement

The Air Jordan 3 is a fan-favorite among all sneakerheads, serving as the pinnacle of the counterculture thanks to their iconic elephant print and smooth composition. Upon receiving an abundance of Retro makeovers dating back to their 1988 release, there is no colorway more prominent in its catalog than Black Cements. It’s come to the point that finding a pair in quality condition can be a chore, but this 2001 Retro is truly as good as it gets for a pair of Jordans that’s been around for so many years — and it’s really good, at that.

Purchase: $385

Adidas Stan Smith Made in France

Long before Stan Smith had the tennis world in the palm of his hand, the iconic adidas sneaker that now wears his name was derived from a Parisian inspiration. Meant to tailor to the likes of former French tennis star Robert Haillet in the late ’60s, Smith’s name only got tacked onto the now-legendary shoe upon winning the U.S. Open in 1971. Nowadays, such a tidbit doesn’t make its way out into the open every so often; so, as a way of paying homage to their roots, take a look at this French-made pair of vintage Stan Smiths that are virtually impossible to catch elsewhere.

Purchase: $400

Converse Timeline One Star

While the Chuck Taylors are a ubiquitous hit on all fronts, the One Star simply has its own signature appeal that is genuinely unmatched. As another shoe that has seen countless iterations, its impact on pop culture even seeps into the modern day, garnering collaborations with some of the world’s most renowned artists and entertainers. With yet another hooper-turned-skater staple introduced back in the ’70s, Converse’s versatility is one aspect that has surely proved that their branding ages like fine wine, no matter how scuffed up they may look. Thankfully, there are no defects to worry about here, as this fresh pair of forest green One Stars are surely not the same ones you see on shelves nowadays.

Purchase: $661

Grail Pick: Nike Air Jordan 1 OG High Chicago

You always hear the term “OG” when it comes to Jordan nowadays, as it designates the difference in either Nike Air or Jumpman branding. While the former is what everyone looks to get a hold of nowadays, nothing epitomizes original more so than these. Released way back in 1985, the backstory behind these sneakers is already illustrious, and while you may see everyone rocking modern renditions nowadays, you can rest assured that they most certainly won’t be this incredibly-aged pair.

Purchase: $1,900

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