How A Clean Home Can Improve Your Daily Life

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As humans, we naturally prefer being in tidy and uncluttered environments and settings, and while we can’t control the level of cleanliness out in the world, we do have direct control over the state of our homes. In addition to bolstering productivity, organization, and relaxation, residing in a neat residence actually comes with numerous objective benefits to one’s health and well-being — as demonstrated by a myriad of scientific studies from a variety of highly-respected universities and institutions.

With many of us currently working from home, we’re now spending more time cooped up inside our dwellings than ever before, making keeping one’s abode spick and span arguably more important now than at any previous point in our lives. As such, now seems an ideal time to fully explain the significance behind why keeping a tidy house is so wildly crucial, exploring the plethora of proven physical and mental health benefits afforded by residing in a well cleaned and organized home, along with some of the tools that make keeping a tidy home substantially easier.

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Clean Homes & Clear Minds

The Many Objective Benefits To Maintaining A Tidy Residence

Appearances: Wanting to present your guests and visitors with a neat and welcoming environment, as well as how one maintains the state of their home actually says a lot about them. Well-kept homes are typically indicative of being an organized mature, responsible, and reasonable adult. It’s also great to set the example of having a clean home, should you have a few little ones residing under your roof. Then there’s also something familiar and comforting about the routine of cleaning as it gives a sense of accomplishment and instant gratification, bordering on Zen-like qualities.

Diet: While it may sound strange on the surface, the cleanliness of one’s household also has a profound impact on their diet. A dirty kitchen and a sink full of dishes aren’t particularly inviting, nor do they inspire one to do much cooking. By maintaining a cleaner home, many people find that they actually achieve better diets as they’re more inclined to cook for themselves and less prone to relying on microwavable dinners and other less-than-healthy culinary options.

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Exercise: Cleaning can also be a surprisingly physical activity, with roughly a dozen chores existing that all burn 100 or more calories — and that’s before factoring in the use of good old fashioned elbow grease. It isn’t going to be a suitable alternative for a real fitness regimen, but there’s no denying the benefits of any kind of physical activity, and cleaning can certainly work up a sweat.

Houseware & Gear Longevity: Cleaning regularly can also extend the life of your home’s furniture, carpets, and even your own clothing, as dirt and grime are routinely passed onto household objects from the garments we wear. Likewise, a clean home will also remain in better condition for longer, helping you retain your house’s value — or ensuring you get your full deposit back should you be renting.

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Habit: Humans are creatures of habit. That’s not just a saying; it’s a bonafide fact. And creating a positive routine can actually have a ripple effect on the rest of your life, even raising your overall happiness levels. So, being regular with your cleaning, rather than letting things get out of control to the point of being overwhelming, can actually make your life easier, more productive, and just plain better.

Hygiene: One of the biggest and most blatant upsides to keeping a clean home is for hygienic purposes. Cleaning rids your home of dirt, dust, germs, and bacteria, which can actually greatly lessen the likelihood of becoming sick and protect your immune system. Regular cleaning can also hugely cut down on the presence of dust mites, allergens, and other factors that can contribute to respiratory problems.

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Mental Health: As mentioned above, there’s a slew of demonstrative benefits and perks tied directly to keeping a clean home, though one of the biggest and most obvious is undoubtedly its effect on one’s mental health. A handful of studies — including a 2011 research project from Princeton — have repeatedly proven that being in a cleaner environment that’s devoid of grime and clutter actually improves productivity, mental capacity, focus, and mood, while simultaneously mitigating stress and anxiety. This is extremely important, as our homes are supposed to be our one place of refuge from the stresses and rigors of the world and daily life. A great number of people also find it much easier to relax when in a clean setting.

Organization: There’s also an assortment of more physical benefits involved with maintaining a clean house or apartment. Obviously keeping a tidy abode hugely helps with decluttering and massively improves organization, making items dramatically easier to find when needed. Well-kept living spaces also greatly reduce the likelihood of tripping over cords or cables, or other easily avoidable household injuries.

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Pest Control: Messy and unsullied homes also attract rodents, bugs, and other pests which can be avoided by simply maintaining a clean home. It’s also worth mentioning that filth begets more fifth. By allowing dust, dirt, and grime to be present, you give germs and bacteria an environment to flourish in and more places to hide.

Sleep Quality: Believe it or not, the tidiness of your home also has a substantial impact on your sleeping habits. In addition to being markedly more pleasant to wake up or come home to, studies have also proven that there’s a direct correlation between the cleanliness of one’s bedroom and their sleep hygiene, with people that make their beds in the morning reporting roughly 20% better sleep, and 75% of people claiming they achieve more restful slumber when sleeping on clean bed sheets.

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The Ultimate Tool For Tidying

This Year's Best Must-Have Home Cleaning Essential

Now that you fully understand the gravity of the situation and why it’s so tremendously important to keep your living space nice and clean, let’s briefly move on to shine a light on one of our favorite new cleaning devices.

Roborock H7 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The Roborock H7 is something of the ultimate home cleaning device. Completely wireless, this decidedly premium appliance boasts the ability to vacuum a variety of different floor types and to deep clean carpets, and can even mop floors using an attachment — one of several magnetic-coupling “MagBase” accessories made specifically for the H7. At the heart of the high-tech device is a 480W motor that generates a maximum suction of 160AW, spins at up to 4,000rpm, and is paired with a set of wildly durable, high-torque planetary gears that power this item’s carbon fiber anti-static bristles. The H7 can also be used to clean furniture, corners, or tight spaces, accessing nooks and crannies easily when being operated as a handheld device. Emptying the vacuum is also as easy as dumping the contents of its replaceable dust bags into the trash and you’re done. The H7’s potent Lithium Polymer battery also offers an hour-and-a-half of run time and a 2.5-hour recharge time, and can have its battery’s level monitored via the cordless vacuum’s trick 1.3″ OLED display.

Battery Life: 90 Minutes
Display Type: 1.3″ OLED
Filtration System: Five-stage HEPA
Dustbin Capacity: 560ml
Power: 480W

Purchase: $500

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