Bobbing Along: The 5 Best Fishing Kayaks

Kayaks have recently been undergoing severe overhauls. In the past few years they have begun aiming less for the adventuring set who are looking for a hard-knocking thrill on mountain rapids and instead are offering a lazier, easier experience for users who want to do a little fishing and prefer to head down the river in style. These fishing kayaks give individuals more options in how they use their kayak and permits the solitary angler to float along without having to lug along a full canoe.

These appeal to the excitement-seeker that is looking to slow down their pace from time to time and enjoy snagging some seafood. They also work for those who are just trying to explore new waters and get away from shore to test out some different lures or avoid people. If you are thinking about getting into water sports, there are models that will suit your needs as well. Really there isn’t a reason not to get one of our 5 best fishing kayaks to open up new experiences for you.

Jackson Kilroy Kayak

Jackson Kilroy Kayak

Climb Aboard: This is a good kayak for someone whose life has been spent using only canoes and other true boats with a shell. The model is a climb-in that doesn’t force you to balance atop the body. It’s a comfortable, familiar feeling that keeps you and your equipment bone dry as you while away the hours cruising around gentle waters. It comes with staging systems for your rods, gear mounts, and plenty of comfort for fishers that are ready to try out a kayak but don’t want to completely abandon their boat roots.

The Kilroy gives you option of adjusting your seating which is perfect for pulling in the big one or switching from fishing to hunting. You’ll have true stand-up stability, bow deck rigging, a dashboard that can be removed, and 2 paddle stagers. It’s only 70 lbs. and the open body gives you the option of swapping your gear around for excellent comfort, just don’t expect it to win you any races. [Purchase: $1,250]

Sun Dolphin Excursion 10 Kayak

Sun Dolphin Excursion 10′ Kayak

Entry-Level: Kayaks can be notoriously expensive and those new to the game often find themselves throwing good money away on a vessel that doesn’t do what they want. It ruins the sport for them forever and they tell their friends and children that kayaking is for commies. If you want the best in basic quality when without wasting cash on some fiberglass piece of garbage, the Excursion will meet your needs.

Everything about it from the adjustable back support to the foot pads lets you get used to sitting in a kayak for an extended period of time without testing your muscles or your joints. The polyethylene hull makes it very maneuverable even for a newbie so you won’t feel stranded in the middle of a lake. It still isn’t dirt cheap, but it has an extended 2-year warranty that is great for the amateur that might run it aground until they get the hang of it. Also very useful for children or those with physical impairments since it is only 40 lbs. [Purchase: $450]

Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 Kayak

Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 Kayak

Put the Pedal Down: We couldn’t just let this go by without offering a quality pedal model that gives you smooth, hands-free operation and tons of space for your tackle, your equipment, and maybe a tablet for long days when nothing is biting. It has the Hobie Mirage Drive that will let you beat the competition to your favorite fishin’ hole without disturbing the local wildlife too severely.

This is mostly for the luxury angler that enjoys comfort and ease and doesn’t mind adding weight and length to get it. The 13.5 foot body allows you tons of nooks and crannies to stash away anything you can dream of without necessitating the movement and shifting of lots of items. The bigger body helps visibility fishers find their prizes without feeling like they’re going to tip over, but also an elevated vantage for competition fishers that need to see how big their fine finned friends are before they cast. [Purchase: $3,000]

Lifetime Sport Fisher 10 Tandem Kayak

Lifetime Sport Fisher 10′ Tandem Kayak

Dual Personalities: The Lifetime Sport isn’t for the solitary fisher who wants to spend their day with their lures, their lake, and their lager, but the more social creature who doesn’t mind sacrificing space for a little company. It can take on three people comfortably which makes it much like Jasmine down at the Velvet Room. It’s capacity for carrying weight is helpful to the fisher who likes to pack for every eventuality or the small family outing on the lake. It has a 500 lbs. capacity thanks to the tunnel design and yet only weighs 60 lbs. which makes it easy to carry for one or two.

The body design is a little broader and flatter which lends to greater stability, but also means it is less sleek and sporty. If you tend to head out to larger lakes, you’ll be pleased that this will never tip no matter what strange activities you do in the boat. You’ll also be able to reel in some serious trophy pieces. Just don’t ask it to get you out of a tight corner. You’ll find it can be a little clumsy, though still very usable with a little space. [Purchase: $698]

Old Town Predator 13MX Kayak

Old Town Predator 13/MX Kayak

Hallelujah: You’ll be amazed the first time you slip this big, heavy bastard into the water to watch it suddenly become a streamlined killing machine. The body is LT900 polyethylene so it can scrape on shoals and cope with collisions with errant jet-skiers without showing a scratch. The bottom of the boat is made with a tri-Hull design that allows you to track without capsizing or cast without care. If you’re a Predator fan, you can expect all of the old standards to make an appearance. Any water that lands in your boat will get dumped by the patented scupper valves and holes that will keep your vessel dry.

There is little difference between the 13 and the MX and it depends on your own preferences. The 13 is smooth and sleek which gives it improved handling when you expect to be slipping in and out quickly of deserted coves. The MX is not quite as long or as narrow which helps you keep rock steady on larger or more sedate bodies of water. Besides that you have the same 6 rod mounts. The entire interior will keep any neat freak happy with fully interchangeable places for rods, GPS, slide trackers, fish finders, and every other tool you’ll need to stow away for catching those slippery little suckers. [Purchase: $1,300]