Watch Dock: 8 Best Apple Watch Chargers

The Apple Watch is currently on top of the smart watch world. Now in its third series, the smart watch’s design continues to improve – and impress. Now crafted from ceramic and imbued with true cellular capabilities, technology has surely exceeded the wildest imaginations of 1950s science fiction authors, who dreamed up phone calls from your wrist watch, to the incredulity of skeptics. But now, you can do just that, track your progress on a hike, or play all sorts of time-wasting games. It seems the future has arrived, and it’s time we all charged forward, right into it – and what better way than with the sci-fi watch of our fantasies? If you do decide to pick up an apple watch, you’ll need to match it with a charging dock, to keep all your smart tech powered up. We’ve assembled the best charging docks for your futuristic accessory.

Spigen S350

Best On The Cheap

Sometimes, you just want the bare bones essential – especially when you’ve just put down $300 for a new Series 3 Apple Watch. Still, there is such thing as good cheap and bad cheap. The Spigen S350 is the good kind, meaning while it’s not the best product on this list, it’s still reliable, and well worth the opportunity cost. It is a dual-utility charger, usable by both your watch and your iPhone. The S350 is also compatible with Apple Watch nightstand mode – a very useful mode offered in the second OS of the Apple Watch which displays the date and time, along with the current charge and alarm at the touch of a finger. The Spigen dock is compatible with series 3, series 2, and series 1 watches. Made of scratch-resistant thermoplastic polyurethane, this is a good piece of smart plastic for under $10.

Purchase: $8

Fuse Chicken Bobine Charger

Best Flexible

Touting itself the world’s most flexible Apple Watch Charging dock, the Fuse Chicken Bobine Charger is definitely versatile. But the property it has that makes the Fuse Chicken Bobine Charger so awesome is the complement to its flexibility: its rigidity. The wire will stick in whatever position you bend it to form. By coiling the wire at the base and positioning the wire like a cobra, you can elevate the watch high on your bedside table, and the coil charging cable will keep it suspended. You could even dangle it inches from your eyes (if you’re a heavy sleeper and need to be given a particularly jarring wakeup call). This flexible, gooseneck style charging cable/dock is two feet long, and coated in durable metal that will keep the charger protected.

Purchase: $25

Mophie Apple Watch Dock

Best Minimalist Design

Mophie is mostly known for their portable iPhone and smartphone chargers. But naturally, as smart technology has expanded, so have they. Their Apple watch dock is one of the best, simple and smooth designs on the market. Made of tough aluminum and swathed with lovely leather accents, this design is minimal but tinged with luxury. Functionality is still there, albeit hidden within the aesthetically appealing dock. The magnetic charging cable can be threaded through the dock, with the magnetic receiver placed at the place where the watch rests. Thus, your watch will charge immediately upon being hung up on the dock. The slight downward angle of the dock makes it a simple task to check your watch from the bedside. An artful version of what could be an eyesore on your nightstand, instead wake up to the pleasant view of your watch being charged upon a lovely, minimalist sculpture from Mophie.

Purchase: $30

Pantheon Keychain charger

Best Keychain Charger

This Lilliputian charger is the perfect emergency charging station when all else fails. It comes with a USB-C port and converter to directly connect to your Apple Watch, or a magnetic dock if you prefer to simply rest the watch on the key chain. Though pint-sized, it packs some serious power – the 700 mAh lithium ion battery inside the keychain will charge the Series 1 Apple Watch 3 times over, and the Series 2 Apple Watch twice. Not only that, but Pantheon offers 100% money back guarantee or promises to replace your product if effectiveness diminishes. Pantheon’s keychain charger is also Apple certified to pair with their device, meaning it met the difficult requirements that the company holds for certifying products to correspond with their devices. At a rate of about 1.2% per minute, this little keychain will have your apple watch fully charged in less than an hour.

Purchase: $40

Zens Power Bank

Best On The Go

While not as wieldy as the Pantheon Keychain charger, the Zens portable charger is a step up in terms of power, offering around 1300 mAH of charge (almost twice as much as the Pantheon Keychain Charger). At just 1.5 inches wide, this portable little cube is the perfect pocket-sized charger to keep your Apple Watch teaming with power. The Zens portable cube is incredibly efficient, and magnetically clasps to your watch. At just 2.4 ounces, this lightweight charging block is perfect for on-the-go charging,.

Purchase: $40

Native Union Eclipse Charger

Best All Purpose

If you’re looking for a central hub for all of your smart tech, look no further than the Native Union Eclipse Charger. With the convenience of an integrated cable management system – simply press down on the console, and watch as it opens up and demonstrates its storage capacity – and the convergence of charging ports, which provide the ability to charge three iphones and three apple watches (or any device, really, that uses USB-A or USB-C ports) this is the ultimate, all-purpose charging bay. The Native Union Eclipse produces 7.8A and 39W of power, enough to simultaneously charge three iPhones at full speed.

Purchase: $80

Apple Magnetic Charging Doc

Best Apple Pick

Of course, an apple option is obligatory, and not just because it’s basically the original umbilical with which the Apple Watch is paired. The Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock from Apple is an excellent, reliable and attractive product in its sterile, astronautical aesthetic. The inductive charging connector is simple enough, and clearly works with nightstand mode. This Apple charger is a step up from the first charger that comes in the box with the watch.

Purchase: $80

Belkin Valet

Best Dual Purpose

Belkin is one of the most trusted names in charging docks. The products they make are always excellent examples of beautiful design and durability. With their Valet Apple Watch charger, they’ve improved upon the functionality of their competition, boasting the first ever Apple Watch charger with an integrated charger inside. Other charging docks force the user to place their magnetic charger in the dock, but the Valet comes with a built-in magnetic charger for the Apple Watch, and an integrated Lightning connector for iPhone. Soft contact pads shield the metals from scratches. Inductive charging begins at the moment the watch is placed on the dock’s hovering arm. It also keeps the watch nicely elevated and angled so you can have a good view of it from your pillow.

Purchase: $130

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